Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bristol, Connecticut- July 26, 2016

243 miles to the southwest today and we are now in Bristol, Connecticut at the Bear Creek Campground. We have been retracing the route that we had taken going up to the Maritimes.  For some reasons campgrounds are not in great abundance through this area.  I believe most campgrounds are located along the coast but we wanted to stay away from those cities along the coast- Boston and New York.  We have hit the heat.  Not sure just what the temperature is but our air conditioners have not shut off since we got here.

After eating lunch and chilling out for a while Tom and I did some cleaning out of some cabinets.  Terrible how much unused stuff we can accumulate although I do believe we are getting better at pitching out brochures and pamphlets after being in an area.

Tomorrow we continue on.