Saturday, July 09, 2016

Lunenburg- July 9, 2016

We made a 15 mile move this morning since we were unable to extend at the previous campground.  We are in Lunenburg, N.S. at the Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground.  Since we were coming in on Saturday we did make reservations and we will be here for 2 days.

Lunenburg is another town situated on a hill, a very steep hill.  We drove to the downtown area where a festival was going on.  The festival amounted to sidewalk sales and a couple old guys playing guitars and singing.  Really nothing to get excited about. 

Lunenburg, NS

Lunenburg, NS


We then went to the harbor area where there seemed to be a lot more activity.  There was a tour on a sloop in the afternoon that we wanted to go on.  A certain number  needed to go and they were unable to secure that number, so no tour.

Lunenburg Harbor

We had lunch at the The Old Fish Factory Restaurant on the wharf.  We were sitting next to windows along the waterfront and between each window were panels with mirrors on the side of the panels.  As we looked out toward the front we could see a big boat but then we saw the same boat behind.

What Happened to the Rest of the Ship?


  Before being told about the mirrors we were perplexed about what we were seeing.  This building had been a fish factory some years ago.   There is also a small museum in this building about the fishing of the area in the past.

Toward evening we drove to a nearby town called Blue Rocks because of the large shale colored rocks along the shoreline.

Blue Rocks, NS

  A group of kayakers were preparing to take a tour with a guide.  It was another chilly, windy, damp day that going out in a kayak did not even look like something we wanted to do at 6 or 6:30pm.

Blue Rocks, NS