Thursday, July 14, 2016

Baddeck, Nova Scotia- July 14, 2016

Moving on this morning, we travelled 133 miles to Cape Breton Island and a campground near Beddeck, Nova Scotia.  It was a nice drive over better roads than those we were on yesterday through forested mountains.  We are along the shoreline now that we are settled into a campsite at Bras d’Or Lake campground.  Bras d’Or Lake is a large body of water that is not entirely cut off from the ocean as there is several places that the 2 bodies of water connect.  We arrived here a little before noon so we went into the town of Beddeck for lunch.  A beautiful day allowed us to enjoy lunch on the Bell Buoy restaurant’s patio.  After lunch we walked about town to find an ATM to replenish our Canadian cash.

Baddeck, NS Lighthouse

Alexander Graham Bell National Site in Beddeck was our afternoon activity.  Bell and his family spent his summers up here.  This site is a museum with pictures and artifacts. Displays of his inventions and interests made us realize that he was involved in more things than inventing the telephone. 


Today was a gorgeous day with bright blue skies and lots of wind.  Tomorrow we plan to travel the Cabot Trail