Friday, April 17, 2009

Water Leak

When we went camping with our Goodsam camping club on the first weekend of April everything was going along fine until I hooked up the water hose and turned it on. Leah called out to me and said we had water running every where. It was coming from under the refrigerator. The only water going to that area was to the icemaker. We shut off the valve to the icemaker water supply and turned the water to the motorhome back on. This time no leak, so we had water to cook and clean with.

Yesterday I looked into where in the icemaker supply line the leak might be. Well it didn't take long to find it. The solenoid valve's body which turns the water on and off to the icemaker was cracked, so when water pressure was applied, water was flowing into the back of the refrigerator and into the motorhome.

I removed the valve and am now in the process of trying to get a replacement.