Saturday, July 23, 2016

North Cape Coastal Drive, P.E.I.- July 19, 2016

The North Cape Coastal Drive is a loop 217 mile drive around the westernmost third of P.E.I.   Today we took the drive making for a fairly long, but enjoyable, day.    Much of the trip was scenic either along the coastal regions or the inland farmlands.  The landmark Our Lady of Mont-Carmel Roman Catholic Church was worth a stop for picture taking.  Edouard Arsenault, the creator of The Bottle Houses,  impressed us with his creations as we walked through the beautiful gardens and the unique structures ( a house, a chapel and a tavern) made from bottles that he left behind in his memory.  Wind turbines are in a couple locations along the coast but North Cape is the home of the Wind Energy Institute and Wind Energy Interpretive Center.  North Cape also has the longest natural rock reef in North America.  The west coast is known for the red cliffs along the shore line.  There are beaches which are covered with brick red  sand and some folks were brave(?) enough to be swimming.  The air temperature was in the low 70’s today.  Lennox Island is home to the largest native Americans,Mi’kmaq, community.  We had lunch at Catch Kitchen and Bar in West Port.  We did not get back to the motorhome until after 9pm.