Friday, July 08, 2016

A Stormy Start to a Day in Halifax- July 6, 2016

Early this morning we were awakened with the sounds of thunder and rain.  A couple claps of thunder even shook the motorhome.  When we got up a little past 7am the rain had stopped but the day remained mostly cloudy and the temperatures remained in the 70’s.

We visited the harbor area of Halifax today starting at the Farmer’s Market.  In spite of being told how wonderful this market was, we found it to be lacking in vendors- no fresh produce stands- and lacking customers. 

The Halifax, NS Farmers' Market

Leaving the market, we walked along the harbor to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.



A nice museum about the ships that have and are traveling the Atlantic Ocean.  Of course, there was an area devoted to the Titanic.  The one exhibit that caught our interest was about the Halifax explosion that occurred in 1917 when 2 ships collided in the harbor.  A fire was started on a ship carrying explosives including TNT  which resulted in a huge explosion killing many people and destroying vast areas of property.

As we walked along the harbor there were 2 groups of German military men( Wachbattallion)  performing from the Tattoo show.  One group was drum and fifers and the other group a drill team with their rifles.  Tom took pictures which will probably be the only pictures of the Tattoo that will be taken as no cameras are allowed for the actual show.


Machbatallion Fife and Drum Corp

Machbatallion Drill Team

  It was at this point that we needed to get some lunch.  The Bicycle Thief restaurant was our choice.  A very nice restaurant along the harbor with outside dining and we found wonderful food.  Both of us had a spaghetti with mussels, shrimp and scallops in a lemony herb oil coating.  Flavorful and a nice spiciness.


After lunch,  we next visited the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21.  1928 to 1971 there were 1.5 million immigrants, war brides, displaced persons, evacuee children and Canadian military personnel that came through the doors of this pier from ships.  Tours are offered hourly which we took.  The guide walked us through the areas of the museum as an immigrant pointing out the immigration process.  Nice exhibits depicted areas of the ships these folks would have come to Canada on.  A movie was also shown with recent immigrants to Canada telling of their feelings and reasons to leaving their country.   There was also an area that we went to to gather information on any family that may have immigrated to Canada.  Tom had an uncle that he thought had immigrated through Canada before coming to the U.S.  August Van Poppel was found but not immigrating to Canada but through Detroit, Michigan.

We had thought we might stay an additional day here but when we asked at the campground office about extending we would have to move the motorhome to another site for that day.  So we are going to move on Friday.