Saturday, July 02, 2016

Hopewell Cape- July 2, 2016

We were on the road at 9:15am traveling east for 119 miles to Hopewell Cape, N.B.  The roads were in many places in need of repair.  We know the weather in this area is an issue with the roads but the repairs done seemed to be poorly done patching.  It was also cloudy, very foggy in spots and rainy.  After 2 1/2 hours we were at our destination of Hopewell Cape and Ponderosa Pines Campground.  We have a great site overlooking a lake.

After doing the setting up of the motorhome we drove a short distance to the Log Cabin Restaurant for lunch.  Then we drove to Hopewell Rocks.  There was an admission($8.00 each) to go on the walk down to the rocks which is good for 2 days.  These rocks are called flower pots as there are trees growing out the tops.  We were there a couple hours before low tide but the tide was low enough that these tall rock structures were fully exposed and we were allowed to walk down among the rocks on the seabed.  Tomorrow morning we will return to see these huge rocks surrounded by water at high tide.  It is hard to realize that the tide in this area will rise at least 45 feet during high tide or drop that much during low tide.  What an interesting world we live in!

NOTE:  Yesterday I forgot to mention that in a little shop in St. Martin the shopkeeper was bagging up dulse, an edible seaweed.  When we came in she explain to us what she was doing and offered a piece for us to try.  It was salty and fishy tasting, nothing that we are ready to purchase.  It was difficult getting the taste out our mouths even with using mints.  This dulse is a dried maroon colored flat leaves that were hard to tear in half.  One taste was enough although we understand folks here eat this as a snack and sometimes it is cooked.  We were told when cooked this plant turns green and the taste is very different