Monday, September 28, 2009

Mayberry Reunion

Yesterday started out to be a day of uneasiness with Parker's formula problems. Todd did call and report that a co-worker of his was able to obtain some formula at a hospital. We sure hope this little guy soon gets on the formula that will agree with him. Through all this he is gaining weight which is most important.
In the afternoon Tom and I went back to Mayberry for a reunion with folks that have any connection with that little town. It was a real nice afternoon. It has become a yearly event but we never know who might show up from one year to the next. This year a man that was in my class at school was there along with some of his other siblings and their spouses. We had not seen each other since school days. It was great to meet this way. We each bring a dish of food to share and this year fried chicken was provided. In years past we have had burgers and hot dogs. The chicken was a nice change and no one had to stand over grills cooking it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Worried about Parker

Our grandson, Parker, is having problems with finding a formula that agrees with him. This morning we got a phone call from our son asking us if we could find a store that has Nutramigen AA in stock. This formula is very hard to find and very expensive. We were not successful in our search.

Parker has gotten to a point where he does not want to take a bottle and has us all very concerned. We hope this formula will agree with him and help the poor little guy get settled down and feeling better.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It was a Good Sunday...

Today was a good Sunday. We went to church and afterwards we drove to Columbia, Md where we met Ray and Agnes Elderd, good friends we got to know thru motor homing. We had lunch at Bertucci's and an all too short visit with them.

Beth, Our daughter-in-law, sent us pictures of our grandson's first smile.
From Parker Smiles

He is only a month old, but we can see him growing already. The internet and digital cameras makes sending pictures easy.

Mark Martin won the NASCAR race in New Hampshire. The Ravens win in San Diego and I spent the whole day with my best girl.

Yep, it was a very good Sunday indeed!!

Monday, September 07, 2009

The Weekend Comes to an End

Saturday evening after our potluck dinner we again circled the fire pit for a campfire and conversation. Just wish the mosquitos were better trained!
Sunday morning we had another potluck meal as our breakfast. I especially enjoy these breakfasts. We always seem to have a nice variety of breakfast foods, egg dishes, casseroles, breads and fruits. Tom and I went down to the Bass Pro Shop, north of Richmond, later in the day. There is a really nice restaurant there so we shopped and then we had dinner. After returning to the campground, we sat around talking with others. Later in the evening we had pie and ice cream around the final campfire for this outing.
This morning we had breakfast of ham and cheese on croissants before packing up and heading in various directions. We wanted to get on the road before the traffic got too heavy which we did and arrived home at 1:45pm. Some of the group went south toward Myrtle Beach instead of going home. We would have liked to joined them but appointments and commitments that prevented us from doing so- maybe, next year!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Labor Day Weekend- 2009

Thursday we left home and travelled down into Virginia to a campground south of Fredericksburg to meet up with the Traveling Americans. Our campout officially didn't start until Friday but there were 3 other couples from the group also at the campground on Thursday. For dinner we drove into the town of Bowling Green and ate at the Cafe on Main Street.
Friday the remaining campers of our group arrived making, I believe, 13 units, a real nice group. Again we had to go out to eat, this time at an Italian restarant, Romas, in Bowling Green. Afterwards we returned to sit around a campfire and enjoy one anothers company.
Today Saturday we started with a continental breakfast, provided by the host couple. Then everyone went their own ways doing/going wherever. We stayed at the campground visiting with others that stayed. The weather has been just wonderful. This evening we are having a pot luck dinner. This morning before breakfast I made a peach pie for Sunday evening. Because of the reduced electric (30 amps as opposed to 50) I wanted to make the pie before it became warmer in the day and when I was not cooking other things. Running the microwave along with air conditioning can cause problems. I had made a black bean salad before leaving home to be taken to the pot luck supper tonight.