Monday, July 25, 2016

Hello U.S.A. - July 24, 2016

We were underway at 9am Atlantic time(which is 8am eastern time) from Oak Bay, New Brunswick. Less than 20 miles we were at the border crossing. The inspectors came inside the motorhome and removed most of our fresh produce- plums, tomatoes, green pepper and apples Lettuce, onions, cherries and garlic were left. We then continued on our travels(117 miles) through .forested mountains of Maine to Bar Harbor. We are again at the Bar Harbor Campground. Being Sunday we are seeing lots of vacancy signs. The traffic is fairly heavy so people are on the move, probably lots are leaving to get back home.

After getting set up in our site we drove into the town of Bar Harbor. Lots of folks were on the streets and in the restaurants. But then we saw that there was a cruise ship in port so that explains it. We had lunch at the Stewman’s restaurant where we had eaten when here on the way to Canada. Both of us had the lobster roll which came with cole slaw and fries (we had the sweet potato fries). Tom had a bowl of clam chowder and I had a cup of lobster bisque. Good meal in a covered patio area right on the water.

After lunch we walked into the stores along the street as we headed back to the car. A trip to the grocery store was in order to replenish our confiscated produce at the border.

It is an absolutely beautiful day with temperature in the low 80’s and bright sunshine. tomorrow we move on down the coast to Freeport. Crossing the border changed our time from Atlantic to Eastern time.