Wednesday, May 06, 2015

A Weekend Near Ocean City, Maryland, May1-5, 2015

Camping season with the Traveling Americans got started with a campout in April which we were unable to attend. But we did get ourselves out for the campout in May, the first weekend. Since our lives have gotten to be more complicated than we really like do to our house being on the market and plans for a move to Florida it is not easy to make other plans. We also felt this would be a good weekend to co-host since the Hagans did not have anyone co-hosting with them. The campground in Newark, Maryland which is near Ocean City was Island Resort, a beautiful campground situated around a lake. Friday, May 1st we drove the nearly 200 miles to the campground arriving in mid afternoon. It was a chilly day so for our evening meal I invited everyone (10) to our motorhome for hot dogs, salads and brownies which Libby Hagan and I prepared.
Saturday morning was still a little chilly but we had breakfast outdoors. Breakfast consisted of coffee cake that I made, English muffins, boiled eggs and fruit salad. Tom and I rode into Ocean City but it was too breezy and cold to walk much further than Thrashers for French fries. For dinner we all went to Waterman's seafood restaurant.
Sunday morning was a warmer morning and we again ate outside. Breakfast on this day was pot luck, always a good variety of food. After breakfast the other campers packed up to go back home. Tom and I remained behind, we were not leaving until Tuesday. We left the campground and drove to Assateague National Seashore. A very nice day with pleasant temperatures. We did see several of the wild horses that this area is famous for.
Monday was another really nice day. We returned to Ocean City and was able to enjoy walking on the boardwalk. We drove into Berlin to have lunch at the old Berlin hotel. We ate outside on the porch and watched the traffic manipulating about the narrow streets of this old town. For lunc we both had the same- Maryland crab soup (not the best, overpowering tomato flavor, little crab) and fish tacos with grouper fish which were very good. Avocado chips were served with the tacos and were too good.
Tuesday morning we gathered up and departed for home. We got home about 1pm and after getting the motorhome in the driveway we went for a bit of lunch. Since this was May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, we went to Gettysburg to a favorite Mexican restaurant, Montezuma's. A good extended weekend.