Monday, July 25, 2016

Good-Bye Prince Edward Island - July 23, 2016

At 8:15am today we were pulling out of the Marco Polo Campground headed south. Just about an hour later we had crossed the Confederation Bridge ( the 8 mile one) paid the one way toll of $61.00 (Canadian) and were back in the province of New Brunswick. Our plans were to return to St. Andrews and the campground along the bay that we had stayed coming into Canada. Not all plans come together. When we arrived at the campground we saw it looked fairly full and there was a caravan beginning their check in. So no room for one more and on we moved. Another campground close by had been recommended but when we saw it from the road RV’s were crammed in there so tight that it appeared more as a storage lot than campground. We passed on that one. Then we spied a sign for Oak Bay Campground a little farther along near St. Stephens. So we went looking for that one. Well, before finding Oak Bay we saw a sign for another campground and off on a road that turned into a dirt lane. And we drove for what seemed like miles but probably wasn’t more than 2 miles. What we found was what looked like an abandoned old campground. But there was also an area that after unhooking the car that we were able to get turned around. The owner of the place did check to see if we wanted to stay which we declined. So then we returned out the dirt road and on to the Oak Bay Campground which was much better. Our poor Jeep was well dusted from that dirt road. This really was our first problem with full campgrounds this trip. St. Andrews is an entry/exit destination from the U.S. and also is popular spot along the Bay of Fundy.

We are running the air conditioning this evening, the first since being in Canada. It was partly sunny most of the day but then this evening we had a couple of showers with a few rumbles of thunder. We have been hearing about the heat that we will be facing as we continue south.