Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting ready for Christmas

Tom and Leah finished the last of the Christmas shopping yesterday. Today was cookie baking day. oh boy, there is nothing like the smell of something baking.

This weekend is stacking up to be a busy one with family and friends coming to our house and with us going to some as well.

We do hope eveyone has a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Big Expenses

The past month has hammered the bank account pretty bad. While in Va. for our sons wedding, we had to purchase four new tires for the car. Tom was going to replace them is a week or two, but a flat tire changed the time schedule.

After coming home from Ohio, Leah went to do some laundry and said the washing machine was making a "funny" noise. Well, later that day found us shopping for a new washing machine at Lowe's. We found a very nice front loading machine and had it delivered the next day.

Things happen in threes or so they say. :-( The TV in the family room stopped working, so several days later we went to Sam's Club and purchased a Sharp LCD widescreen TV. Just to let you know, things don't always happen in threes. Leah went to use the blender two days ago and it broke. So, along with Christmas shopping yesterday, a replacement blender was purchased.

We decided that Christmas just came a bit early for us this year and we will not be buy each other much. It will still be a nice Christmas for us as we will have time with family and friends.

Time Flies

Well as you can see, this blog is not as active as it should be. After our trip to New England, we were home for a little bit and went to Ocean City, Md with the Traveling Americans.

The Traveling Americans are a group of Fellow Good Sam members and are a great bunch of people.

Our next outting took us to Stafford, Va. Our Son, Todd, and his girlfriend, Beth, got married on November 18, 2006. It was a very nice wedding and we wish them many years of happiness together.

Saturday night my sister Julie called and let me now that my aunt Liz Phillips died. Well, change of destination from home in Maryland to the funeral in Ohio. On Sunday morning we went to the newly weds house, shared the sad news about Aunt Liz, had breakfest, said our goodbyes and was on our way to Ohio.

We stayed the first night on the road in Bedford, Pa. The tempatures were dropping and we were glad to have a full propane tank for heating the motorhome.

We arrived at Van Buran, Ohio late Monday afternoon and checked in to the campground for several days. We drove to North Baltimore for a super market, car wash and to find the location of the funeral home.

On Tuesday morning we drove to Fayette, Ohio and visited with my mother, my sister and her family. We returned to North Baltimore for the afternoon viewing. The only thing good about a funeral viewing is seeing family and friends that you have not seen in awhile.

The Funeral was held at noon on Wednesday and the funeral home was full of family and friends. Aunt Liz will be cremated so there was no trip to a gravesite.

We had lunch with my brother, Roger, some of his family, my sister, Julie and some of her family. We had a nice time and a nice visit.

Our trip home went well, but boy oh boy the east bound tolls of the Pa. turnpike will eat you up.