Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Big Chill, March 28-30, 2015

Saturday morning, March 28th, we awoke to cold temperatures in the low 30's. But we got under way about 9am continuing our travels toward home. We were taking a different route this time. We picked up I-26 west from I-95, then I-77 north to I-81. The mileage was about the same as going up I-95. We began to see blossoming trees, red bud, wild cherry and dogwood, along the roadsides. After 261 miles we stopped for the night in Union Grove, North Carolina at Van Hoy Farm Family Campground. It was chilly and windy.

Sunday morning we were underway again about 9 am. We found this route of travel had lots of truck traffic, a few congested areas around cities but not quite as the congestion that starts in Richmond, Va. and extends up through the D.C. suburbs into Md. This night we spent camped at Candy Hill Campground in Winchester, Va., 312 miles closer to home. The farther north we traveled the drearier, trees still looked dormant and grass had not gotten green. We had a back-in site but for $13.00 more we could have had a pull through with patio furniture and a grill (like in 40 degree temperatures we were going to be outside). Since we unhooked the car in order to back in we did go out to eat in a nice Mexican restaurant.

Monday morning, Tom dumped the holding tanks so we didn't leave until 9:35am. We were home by 11:15am, 84 miles more. Everything seemed in order with the house and the "For Sale" sign remains in place. Still hoping for a buyer to come along and for spring to come. This day was a little warmer getting into the 60's.