Sunday, July 17, 2016

Elm River- July 17, 2016

We departed Cape Breton Island this morning and travelled west to the Truro area.  We had hoped to get back in this area to see the beginning of the Tidal Bore.  I had misread a tidal schedule thinking that the bore would hit here at 1pm.  We pushed the 166 miles in order to get parked in a campground and then go to the area of the bore.  In spite of a prolonged stop for fuel enroute of more than 30 minutes, we did get to the Elm River Campground before 12 noon.  As I said I had misread the schedule and we found that the tidal bore had already made its way before 12 noon.  A little disappointed but that’s the way it is sometimes.

I wasn’t the only one that goofed.  It seems that when we were in Annapolis Royal this past Monday and Tuesday we had stopped at a seafood market and purchased several packs of frozen scallops.  When we returned to the campground Tom brought the bag of scallops into the motorhome and we put them in the freezer bag and all.  The last 2 days when we got in the Jeep we began smelling something unsavory.  One pack of the scallops had fallen out of the bag sliding under the front seat, no wonder we were smelling an odor.  A little upset over loosing a pack of scallops but again stuff happens sometimes, doesn’t it?

We have been seeing pizza restaurants advertising ‘donair’.  What is a donair?  We had never heard of a donair.  This evening we drove to a pizza place to get a donair.  What we had was warm,  thinly sliced, spicy beef topped with chopped tomatoes and onions wrapped in a whole pita bread and topped with a sweet creamy dressing.  We both thought it was quite good.

Tomorrow we will be going to Prince Edward Island by way of a bridge.