Monday, July 25, 2016

Summerside, P.E.I. - July 20, 2016

We were a little slow moving this morning after our full day yesterday and the chill in the air. It was in the mid 50’s this morning with a fierce wind and clouds. We had to put on warmer clothes before venturing out. We planned to drive south about 22.5 miles to the town of Summerside to attend a Lobster Festival. Along the way we pass by an Aqua Farm that we stopped but the only opened area was a retail store. We continued on to the town of the Lobster Festival. Well, what a disappointment! No sign of a lobster anywhere. A street was blocked off and what appeared to be stores along the street had moved wares out on the street like a sidewalk sale

Summerside PEI Lobster Festival

Food being sold at 2 places consisted of sausages and burgers and hot dogs. We did grab lunch at a restaurant along the bay but that also was not great. French fries are served with every meal and if you are lucky there might be a tablespoon of cole slaw. Seldom is there an option of substituting something in place of the fries without an additional charge of more than $3.00.

After a stop at a grocery store (there are only small convenience stores in Cavendish) we continued toward the campground. Along this route between Cavendish and Summerside there is a large processing plant called Cavendish Farms. We have been curious about just what is processed there. We were looking for factory tours or visitor center but had to settle for a little retail store. We detected the smell of potatoes driving by so we weren’t surprised to find packages of frozen various cuts of French fried potatoes. No wonder there are so many fields of potatoes on this island.