Sunday, July 03, 2016

Hopewell Rocks and Cape Enrage- July 3, 2016

A little after 10am we drove the short distance from the campground to Hopewell Rocks.  High tide was due at 11:55am so we knew we would be seeing a rising tide and a different picture from what we saw yesterday.  The rocks were already surrounded by water and as we watched for about 45 minutes we could see the water rising around the tall rocks.  There was a small piece of the beach that was still accessible but was rapidly disappearing.  The water in this part of the Bay of Fundy is  most always muddy.  In the lower bay the water is blue.

Leaving the rocks we drove along the coast on a scenic route stopping at St. Mary’s Point that had an old lighthouse and a replica of an old beached ship.  Driving on we came to Cape Enrage.   This area sits high above the Bay with a working lighthouse, since 1840’s.  It was a bright beautiful day but very windy and on this Cape the wind was wild and temperatures were in the low 60’s.  From the point we could  look across the Bay to Nova Scotia.  There is a fee ($5.50-senior) to this Cape.  There is also a zipline which we didn’t try- can’t imagine doing that in that wind.

Alma is a small seaport town that we went to for lunch at the Alma Boathouse Restaurant.  Both of us had the special of today- cup of chowder and toasted lobster roll.  The chowder was full of scallops, fish and shrimp and tasty.  The lobster roll was also very good along with the slaw.

Tomorrow we travel on into Nova Scotia and new-to-us territory to explore.