Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Gettysburg, Pa.- July 27, 2016

We left Bristol, Ct. before 8am this morning and travelled further than we had planned.  We were going to stop in Jonestown , Pa as we had on our way north.  As we got in the area of Jonestown we were seeing road signs about Harrisburg and as we looked at the distance and the time- about 1:30pm- we thought we could continue to Gettysburg as we had planned tomorrow to do.  So a total of 340 miles we arrived at Artillery Ridge Campground at 2:45pm.  Since we had not eaten lunch we quickly set-up the motorhome and headed into Gettysburg to one of our favorite restaurants, Montezuma’s.  We love Mexican food and that was no where to be found in Canadian Maritimes.  After enjoying that lunch we went to a car wash for a badly needed wash job on the Jeep.  Then before returning to the campground another favorite stop at ‘Rita’s’ for a gelato (haven’t had one of these since leaving this area, none in The Villages).  We will be here for 3 days.  Tomorrow we will be getting 2 of our grandchildren, Parker and Gabi, to take along to Florida. 

After going to the Canadian Maritimes I am going to list some of our positive and negative aspects of this trip.

1.  The Bay of Fundy area is a very interesting area.  St. John has the Reversing Rapids, Truro has the Tidal Bore and Hopewell Cape the Flowerpots- all well worth seeing along with the rising and falling tides all along the coast of New Brunswick.

2.  The International Royal Tattoo performance was a highlight of the trip.  We changed our travel plans to go to this performance and are so thankful that we did.  A wonderful show of one performance after another for 2.5 hours.  Precision military groups,  bag pipes and drums, acrobatic acts, chorus of over 100 people- it was a show like no other that we have ever seen.

3.  Seafood galore but mostly always served with mounds of French fries and occasionally a small (1/8-1/4cup) serving of cole slaw.  The seafood fresh and delicious.

4. Campgrounds are available most everywhere.  Usually only 30 amp. electric, frequently just water and electric hook-ups.  Most had WiFi at no extra cost. We did encounter one place that charged $2.00 for wifi and only one device could use it and the quality of this wifi was the worse of any.

5.  The Halifax Citadel and the Louisbourg settlement were well worth the time spent.

6.  St. Andrews was a nice entry point into the Maritimes.  The Kiwanis campground is on the edge of town by the bay.  It is also used by caravans entering and leaving the Maritimes so can get filled up as we found out at the end of our time up there.

7.  St. John is a town built on a hill and it seemed to be tricky getting around but seeing the reversing rapids make it a worthwhile stop.

8.  We dodged the heat that the states were experiencing.  There were times it was chilly and a jacket was needed.  Also had some rain but nothing that we couldn’t work around.