Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trip Recap

Well, its been awhile since I last posted. We have been traveling throughout the New England states, eating local foods and seeing fall colors. We have had internet access on and off during this trip, so the blog has not be updated the way it should have been.

We spent a very nice time in Moody Beach/Wells, Me. The weather was nice most of the time there and we were able to take a number of walks on the beach. There was also a walking trail along the ocean called the Marginal Way. It ran from Perkins Bay to Moody Beach. There are plenty of benches along the way to set and rest enjoying the views.

We drove to Walkerspoint and looked at the Bush home. We think we saw Barbara Bush outside the front of the house for a brief period.

We stopped for lunch and had to have a "lobsta" roll. They are ok, but the hot boiled lobster with drawn butter is much better.

Our next stop was in New Hampshire where we spent the night at the home of one of Leah's nursing school classmates.

The following morning we set out for Montpiler, Vt. The campground cost us $36.00 a night, but was not worth anything near that amount. In a word, it sucked.....

We went to a Sugaring farm and learned about the maple syrup making process. We were surprised to learn that buckets are not use to collect the tree sap for syrup making. A series of hoses and a vaccum system is used to bring the sap from the trees down to the sugarhouse to be boiled to remove the water to get the pure maple syrup. It takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup and thats why it is expensive.

We moved onto Essex Junction, Vt. to attend the annual Newmar International RV Rally. As rallies went, this one ranked low. Vendors were sparce, seminars poor, and the food was fair. The high points were the entertainers and the 2007 Newmar products.

We move to a campground about 20 minutes north of Burlington, Vt. called Apple Island. I would rate this campground average. We drove over to New York and came back to Vt via the ferry at Plattsburg. The leaf peeping was at its peak according to the local news. We saw a lot of yellows, but very little reds.

Our next stop was at Lake George, New York. The area was in the final days of the season and not many other people were there. The leaves were showing more red color than Vt. trees.

We next stopped at Camp Bell, NY for a visit to Watkins Glen and a trip around Senecca lake which has 32 wineries. We stopped at several, tasted and bought several bottles of wine.

Next we went to the Wellsboro, Pa area to see the Grand Canyon of Pa. Getting to the campground was a trip in its self. The campground advertised mountain top camping and they were not kidding. The last 1/2 mile must of been a 10% grade, but we made it and had a site that overlooked a pond. While we were there, we had mixed rain and snow fall along with some very, very cold temps.

Our final stop was south of Lancaster, Pa at Outdoor World. On Wednesday we paln to be back at our home in Maryland.