Friday, July 08, 2016

Tattoo- July 7, 2016

Such a dreary, cloudy day with temperature not getting out of the 50’s.  And then in the afternoon it started to rain.

Fortunately, we had tickets for the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo for this afternoon and what a bright ray of sunshine that for us.  We were not real sure what we were going to seeing although we had seen a few clips on you-tube of the performances.  The venue for this show was the Scotia Center, an ice hockey arena in Halifax.  We got to Halifax after 12 noon to get a parking place and to get lunch.  Then we walked to the Center for the 2:30pm show which was the final show for this year.  It was absolutely a terrific show that just flowed from one performance to the next without interruption.  There was a 20 minute intermission during this 2 1/2 hour show.  There were precision military groups, bag pipe bands, military bands, acrobats, soloists, Irish dancers and a chorus of over 100.  Groups were from Canada, New Zealand, Germany and the U.S.  The group from the U.S. was a precision rifle drill team of the Air Force and were they ever sharp.  The finale had all the groups in the arena at the same time.  I would highly recommend to anyone visiting this area to arrange to be in Halifax sometime during the week  that this show is on which is in July.  There is nothing like this in the states that we have ever seen.

No pictures were taken of the show as this was not allowed.