Thursday, May 07, 2020

End of Another Era May 7, 2020

Coming home from our trip in December 2018 we had pretty well had our minds made up that our motorhome days were over.  As the year year 2019 progressed we definitely knew it was time to call it quits.  Tom encountered some serious respiratory/ cardiac problems which result in 3 hospitalizations in 2019, one was a 3 week duration.    The end of April 2020 we finally said a fond farewell as it was sold and was heading north.
We knew the time was right to give up and have no regrets.  We hope to continue some travel but in other ways- cruises, car or plane with hotels or whatever.  We loved having had the years of traveling in a motorhome and have so many great memories of seeing so much of this beautiful country and some areas of our neighboring countries, Canada and Mexico.  And we won't forget the many wonderful people we met on our travels, some have remained dear friends.