Friday, July 08, 2016

Peggy’s Cove- July 8, 2016

This morning we had to leave the campground near Halifax as our site had been reserved and we didn’t want to move to another site within the same campground.  So we drove the motorhome 67 miles southwest to Mahone Bay, N. S. and the Ray Port Campground. 

We were parked and ready to sight see before 11am.  We were hoping to be here for 2 nights but again we could only be accommodated for 1 night.  It is Friday so I guess weekenders are filling up the campgrounds.

We wanted to visit an area south of Halifax called Peggy’s Cove so that is where we headed off to today. This area is the south side of Nova Scotia where the Atlantic Ocean is along the coast as opposed to the northern Bay of Fundy side.  And unlike the Fundy side the water is very clear.  Peggy’s Cove is a very picturesque town known for it’s many small art galleries.  The cove has large boulders around the borders.

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Peggy's Cove


There are 35 year round residents living in the cove but the town has many visitor’s.   Since it was another gray, chilly day we didn’t tarry very longer at the lighthouse or walking about the huge rocks.  The Sou’wester Restaurant is the primary eating place which is where we had lunch- and it was a lunch with baked potatoes and vegetables.

Peggy's Cove

Most everywhere a meal is served with French fries and maybe a dab of cole slaw.  A Swissaire plane crashed near this cove September 2, 1998 killing all 229 people on board and a memorial has been established in the area.



Our drive back to the campground continued around the coastal line.  Many small fishing villages are located along this jagged coast.

Traveling in Canada is different than traveling in the states especially with phone service.  With our AT&T plan, we were able to get a service in Canada that if we made phone calls there would be a $1.00 per minute charge.  So we are not making too many phone calls to campgrounds to make reservations and then we occasionally run into some issues of not being able to get a site or to get a site for the number of days we would like.  But making short moves from one campground to another has allowed us to do and see what we want to.