Monday, September 29, 2014

Last days in Myrtle Beach- September 29, 2014

This has been our last week in Myrtle Beach for this year. It was not the best of weeks with rainy weather. Yesterday, Sunday,was predicted to be a sunny day but it was cloudy except for a few rays in the morning. Our gang has gotten smaller- the Fordhams and Laudidios left their condo unit on Saturday so now it is just the Rushes, Perrys, Woodruffs and us that are here at Pirateland Campground. Sunday morning we had a breakfast together with everyone contributing. This evening we will all be going to Abuelo's Restaurant for dinner before departing tomorrow morning.

The weekend was filled with festivals in the area. Tom and I went to Huntington Beach State Park for the Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival on Friday. This was a well attended festival with lots of beautiful items for sale. On Saturday we went to North Myrtle Beach to the Irish-Italian Festival and made a loop around the street where the vendors were set up selling various items and food. We then stopped at the Greek Festival that was at the Greek Orthdox Church where there were more vendors but the biggest draw is the sale of Greek pastries.

Sunday, we went to Murrell's Inlet where there was suppose to be an Octoberfest at a restaurant that turned out to be vendors selling liquors and beers to draw in the motorcyclists that are in the area for Biker's week. We did eat at Dead Dog Saloon and had nice lunch on the outside deck.

Today, Monday, it is raining again. Tom and I did get a walk to the pier in this morning before the rain. We most always go up on the pier when we walk there. We never know what we may see. One morning we saw a catch of a 16 pound triple tail fish supposedly a very good tasting fish. We also saw on the same morning a 5-6 foot shark in the water under the pier- exciting to see but scary thinking about ocean swimming in this area. This past weekend a king mackeral fishing tournament was going on and again no mackerals were caught. We're told that the sharks have really hurt mackeral fishing.

Tomorrow we will be leaving Myrtle Beach and will be headed toward Red Bay, Alabama to the Tiffin factory for some motorhome work.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Continuation of Life as Beach Bums- September 23, 2014

Our life on the beach continues. The weather is changing. We have had some rainy days- today is probably the rainiest as it has rained all day. When it rains the ducks and Canadian geese waddle through the campground occasionally stopping to float about a water puddle. It is also cooler- with the rain today temperatures have not gotten out of the 60's. One evening after a shower of rain a complete beautiful rainbow appeared. What a treat to see this.
Tom and I keep ourselves occupied with our walks twice a day, when it is not raining, along the beach. Tom has gone golfing a couple times. When he golfs several of us get together to sit around and talk and then go out to lunch. Over this past weekend Bruce and Cricket McGinnis, former Traveling American members that are now in Florida, came up to this area to spend a couple days with this group. Bruce and Cricket no longer have an RV so they were staying in a hotel.
One morning as Tom and I were walking along the beach we saw 4 or 5 baby turtles making their way into the ocean. The poor little things would get into the surf and would then be pushed up the beach but eventually they must have made it into the deeper water to swim away.
From South Carolina
This past Sunday Tom and I went south to the town of Georgetown. Last year when we were here there was a big fire along the wharf. Slowly clean-up of the area is being done. We had lunch at the Old Fish House eating outside on the rustic patio.
Today with the nasty weather we drove north to Calabash, N.C. just over the state line from S.C. We like to eat at a restaurant, Ella's. They have very good oyster stew and other seafood. Calabash is well-known for seafood as many shrimp and other fishing boats dock here.
We are starting our final week here. Time goes fast when we are having fun. The weekend ahead has several festivals that will probably keep us busy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Life on the Beach Continues- September 16, 2014

We continue to enjoy life here in Myrtle Beach. The weather is changing. The first week and half was really hot and humid. Then this past weekend there were clouds and rain. Today there was some sun but clouds drift in and out throughout the day. Tom and I continue to walk the beach usually twice a day- morning and evening. This past weekend we were on the pier at the state park (our walk destination)and saw fishermen catch a shark that was 4-5 feet long. Sharks are not allowed to be kept so this one was cut loose before bringing up on the pier.
Last week another couple, Bob and Dotty Daniels, arrived after dealing with a family emergency. Ed and Barb Perry took a little trip from the campground leaving their motorhome here as they helped a granddaughter to move from Richmond, Va. to Jacksonville, Fl. They left Sunday morning and returned today- a lot of miles in a short time. Bill and Rita Fordham and John and Michelle Laudidio are in the area as of Saturday staying in a rental condo for a couple weeks. Tomorrow evening we will all go out to eat to celebrate Rita's birthday.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Traveling- Virginia and Myrtle Beach- August 29- September 5, 2014

It appears that I am behind in my duties and that being the keeping of this blog up to date with our travels. Let me catch up. Last Friday, August 29th we left our house traveling in the motorhome. We were headed for Milford, Virginia for a weekend with the Traveling Americans. Since we were passing by Todd and Beth's house it had been arranged that we would pick up Parker and Gabi to take along for the weekend. We met Todd with the kids in a park and ride lot, loaded up the kids and traveled a little farther south to R & D campground in Milford, Virginia. Gabi and Parker were with us until Sunday when Todd along with Maddi came down to the campground and picked up the them up. We had a nice weekend. We all went out for dinner on Friday evening to a "soul food" restaurant called Lou's, great food- the ribs were outstanding and so meaty. Saturday we had pot luck breakfast and dinner and Sunday a continental breakfast. Woody Woodruff treated the kids to some magic tricks. Dave and Libby Hagan had the kids come into their motorhome to see their birds and we walked the nature trail several times.

With the kids back to their home and Parker being readied for kindergarten, we were ready Monday morning to move on down the road toward Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We spent Monday night in Selma, North Carolina at R Vacation Campground. We were one of 4 motorhomes from the weekend campout going to Myrtle Beach. We all spent the night in this campground. On Tuesday morning we again were on the road going south on I-95. Tom and I got to Myrtle Beach about 1pm. The others, Woodruff, Rush and Perry, came in a couple hours later. Shelly and Rich Rogan had come down on Sunday- they are a younger still working couple that wanted a full week at the beach. Unfortunately, Shelly and Rich will be leaving this weekend and, fortunately, for the rest we will be staying until the end of the month. Another couple, Daniels, have had a family emergency and have not been able to get down as planned.

This week we have gotten ourselves settled into the beach life. Walking the beach mornings and evenings, going to the pool area and floating around the lazy river and going out to eat. It has been really hot here with temps in the 90's and upper 80's, cooler weather is predicted next week. The census at the campground is down during the week days and then picks up on the weekend.