Monday, June 05, 2017

Maryland to Florida with Stops in Between- May 19- June 1, 2017

I really got behind in my blogging due to lack of decent wifi hook-ups.  In fact we never got our computers out of the cases.  So I will attempt to play catch-up.
May 19th, Friday,  this was the day of the wedding of my nephew, Brent, and his bride, Laura.  The Bay, a venue that was along the Chesapeake Bay was the setting.  The weather was not totally cooperative as it rained before the ceremony, then stopped for the ceremony but resumed shortly afterwards.  But all in all, it was a lovely wedding and a fun filled reception.  It was so nice to see so many of the family.  Disappointingly, Todd's family were sick and unable to attend.  Consequently, we did not see them this trip north.
May 20th, Saturday, Tom left the campground early to drive to Union Bridge for the Carroll County Fire ans EMS convention.  As a past president of the county firemen he had been invited to the past president's breakfast held prior to the other activities of the day.  It was a dreary cool day so I just did some cleaning and such in the motorhome.
May 21st, Sunday,  we had a leisurely morning getting ready to depart from the campground.  It was a little past 11am when we finally got underway.  We only went 129 miles to Deal Island, Maryland to the island house of Larry and Joanne.  After the wedding on Friday evening Larry and Joanne spent the night at a hotel then Saturday returned to their home in Pennsylvania, pick up their dog and on Sunday drive down to Deal Island.  We arrived about 3:15pm just a short time after they had gotten there.
Monday 22nd of May,  we traveled around the area and had a nice lunch.  We spent time just talking and visiting.
Tuesday 23rd of May, for the second day Joanne made a nice breakfast for all of us.  Larry had arranged with a local crabber to get some crabs which Larry steamed and we all chowed out on.  Nothing like Maryland steamed crabs and there is none any fresher than these were.
Wednesday, May 24th, we left Larry and Joanne about 8:30am heading south across the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel and Bridge and finally getting on I-95.  We stopped for the night about 8:30pm in Selma, N.C. at RVacation campground.  Had a stormy evening.

May 25th, Thursday, we arrived in Myrtle Beach, S.C. about 12:45pm at Pirateland Campground.  We had a great site right along the beach.  We stayed here for a week enjoying the beach and the area restaurants.  Our transfer switch on the motorhome went bad causing us to not have electric coming into the coach only battery. No air conditioning, thankfully it was not sweltering.  Of course this occurred on a holiday weekend but RV Rescue did respond on Saturday and did the necessary repairs and we were back on electric power.
One day we met a high school classmate of mine that lives in this area for lunch at the Noizy Oyster restaurant.  Great catching up.

June 1st, Thursday, we left the beach behind moving farther south.  We stopped for the night in St. Augustine, Florida staying at Stagecoach Campground.
June 2nd, Friday, we drove 100 miles to Fruitland Park where we store our motorhome.  After cleaning out the refrigerator and clothes we were in our house by noon.
A nice trip.