Monday, July 11, 2016

Annapolis Royal, Digby and Sunshine- July 11, 2016

We left the South Shore of Nova Scotia driving north to the Annapolis Valley and Bay of Fundy region.  It was a 90 mile trip over more bumpy, rough roads.  We are camped at Dunromin Campground in Annapolis Royal.

After eating lunch we went to the Annapolis Royal Tidal Generating Station which was nearby.

Tidal Power Station

  Opened in 1984 this station is the first and only tidal power plant in North America and only one of three in the world.  Electricity is produced by the harnessing of the tide waters from the Bay of Fundy.  In the interpretive center, a very knowledgeable man was giving out information and answering questions. 

We then drove through some areas of the town of Annapolis Royal but then decided to drive west about 20 miles to the town of Digby.  Digby is the known for scallops.  We walked through the downtown and then drove to a fish market but didn’t buy anything.  Seafood is not any less expensive here than at home so we are finding out. 

Digby, NS

The highlight of today was that the sun finally was shining and warming things.  Started out being cloudy but by noon the skies cleared to a bright blue.  We will probably be here for 2 nights before moving on again.