Friday, November 27, 2009

Parker Comes for Thanksgiving!!!


Our grandson, Parker, came to visit us on Thanksgiving Day.  Oh, he also brought his mom and Dad along with his sister and brother.  I guess he needed to bring mom and dad along because he is not old enough to drive and he could not leave his sister and brother home alone.


This year we decided to deep fry the turkey.  We have been hearing for years how good deep fried turkey is so we decided to give it a try as we have the required equipment for the task.

We had looked at various videos on how it was done and felt we were up to the task. After getting the oil hot and slowly lowering the turkey into the hot oil, all we had to do was watch and wait the required amount of time. After removing the turkey, we fried some breaded oysters as well.

From 2009-11-26

As with all thanksgiving meals, we had way too much food and it all tasted great. It just makes us stop and think how blessed we are to be able to have food like this and to share it with our loved ones.

We had a very nice day with Todd, Beth, Maddy, Anthony and Parker and was sorry when it was time for them to make the trip back home.

We hope all who reads this blog also had a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Travis' Problems Continue

Tuesday Travis spent the morning at the veterinarian's office having bloodwork done to see if the medication he was placed on about a month ago is having any affect on him. The bile acid was slightly reduced but still very high and the other studies showed little change. Our vet was sending the results to the vet internist we had seen for further recommendations. It is real puzzling as Travis is not showing any outward signs the there is anything wrong. He continues to enjoy walking which we do every day that the weather allows. He gets his little bursts of energy and runs at full speed about the house. And his appetite is good.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Where Has the Time Gone

I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted. The internet hookups has been poor so posting has been next to impossible.
Last Tuesday we spent the day walking the beach. We did go out for a late lunch at the K & W cafeteria which we enjoyed. We watched the rollback dumpsters with the horsewaste being loaded on trucks and hauled out of the campground.
On Wednesday we packed up and left Myrtle Beach driving mostly on route 17. We stopped for the night at Green Acres Campground in Williamston, North Carolina. It was a fair campground. The interior roads were packed sand and and very "dippy".
Thursday we continued on north to Fort Whaley Campground in Whaleyville, Maryland. We had traveled up by way of the Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel. We were meeting up with the Traveling Americans (TA) camping club for a weekend rally. There were several TA folks already in the campground and more came after us. We went out to eat as a group to a local restaurant that had a special Thursday night $5.00 burger night. The place was packed but in a fairly short time all 20 or 22 of us were seated.
On Friday the remaining TA folks came into the campground making 15 units altogether camping. We were all parked in fairly close proximity to each other. Again we went out to dinner but this time into Salisbury. Reservations had been made and about 26 went to dinner. A few other folks made other arrangements for dinner.
Tom and I along with another couple, Dave and Libby Hagan, served as hosts for the weekend. Saturday morning we fixed a breakfast of fruit, Danish pastry, English muffins, baked oatmeal and coffee and orange juice. For dinner Libby made a pasta dish and I made barbeque with others bringing potluck dishes of salads, vegetables and desserts.
Sunday morning we had potluck for breakfast. We do eat good at these rallies! The rallies go from Friday evening until Sunday morning. Some of the folks left Sunday but others of us stayed until Monday or later.
Today we came home. We have several things that need to be repaired on the motorhome- an awning was damaged at the Samboree in Frederick, a heat pump is not throwing out heat or cold and our brake buddy stopped working. Since our motorhome will probably need to be away for repairs and the weather could get cold we needed to move things out of the motorhome that could freeze. It was a busy afternoon.

Monday, November 02, 2009

A Quiet Monday

Oh, how quiet the campground is today after the events of the past several days! We walked out on the beach this morning. There were no horses on the beach- just a couple of fishermen and a tractor pulling an apparatus that was raking through the sand. One fisherman had a blue heron standing a short distance behind him waiting for breakfast. Even though the day was cloudy and cool it was enjoyable to walk along the beach.
Tom and I went to the "Broadway at the Beach" shopping at some of the stores and then eating lunch at Landry's Seafood Restaurant. After returning to the campground we took a quiet walk around the campground. Travis just loves walking and sniffing.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Peace and Quiet

Yesterday was another day of much activity in the campground and on the beach. In the morning a 20 mile beach ride took place. Many riders returned to the campground looking like contestants for wet t-shirt contests due to the rain that started after their departure from the campground. In the afternoon/evening Halloween activities with trick or treating and decorating contests were held. There seemed to be some real partying going on but by 11pm all was quiet.
This morning there was again alot of activity as the horses were loaded, some reluctantly, on their trailers to head back to their homes. By noontime, the campground was about back to prehorse arrival status. The campsites where the horses had been were cleaned-up and very little evidence of the horses' presence could be seen. According to the local newspaper there were about 1000 horses and riders involved in this event.