Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where Have We Been Since Alaska??

I have been lazy as far as keeping up with our blog since returning from Alaska. After a lengthy trip there is some catching up to be done on the home front and this has been one thing pushed to the side.
Traveling Americans, our camping group, camps together the first full weekend of every month April through November. We were with this group for the August, October and November campouts. We missed the September camp as my great niece got married and we didn't want to miss that. The last weekend of October was the Maryland State Samboree in Frederick which we attended. We had the pleasure of having our son, Todd, and his children, Maddy and Parker, visit with us on Saturday at the Samboree. Halloween costumed kids have an opportunity to parade around collecting massive amount of candy which Maddy did- Parker was costumed, except for his gnome beard and hat, but didn't collect any candy, maybe next year.
After the Samboree Tom and I went down to Fort Whaley Campground near Ocean City, Md. for the week. The following weekend the Traveling Americans had their campout at this campground so we were a few days early. It was a pleasant week even with a little chill in the air. Another couple from the T.A. group were down there at the sametime so we enjoyed being together with them and learning some new card games from them. Other members of the T.A. group started to come into the campground on Thursday and the remaining joining up on Friday. Our last campout of the year always proves to be a good time and a large turnout, all but 4 active members (couples) were present.
Now we are planning our winter get away to someplace warmer than here. Our plans are very loose at this time and we will probably keep it that way. We are just thinking south and likely west but we'll see what turns up.