Friday, May 27, 2016


Our Apple account was hacked on May 25th by someone in China. Leah got an email from Apple that the date of birth and security questions had been changed. When we went into the account, the birth date had been changed and the security questions were in Chinese (good luck with reading that). It looked like the hacker then downloaded "Q Q Hd" from the iStore. No changes have appeared in any of our other accounts. To be on the safe side, all passwords have been changed. We changed our Appleid, but the hacker still had hooks into our account and the security questions were still in Chinese. The reason the security questions are important is nothing can be edited with out answering the security questions. Since they were in Chinese we could not read them and when we Google translated them, we didn't have the answers. We started by calling Apple support and after 14 hours and working with 9 different support techs, we finally got hold of a senior tech that was able to assist us in getting full control of our Appleid once again. We have checked all of our financial accounts and nothing has shown up that does not belong there, so we have not purchased first class airplane tickets, new cellphones or anything else. So remember to be very vigilant in managing your passwords. We still do not know how our Appleid password was hacked and Apple isn't talking.