Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Copper Mine Tour

Yesterday, Monday, was spent here at the campground. First item of the day was getting moved to a new site as the owners to the site we were on were coming into the park. We moved from site 70 to site 73(- and the owners on 70 are still not in the campground on Tuesday). Oh well we are moved to a site that is just as accommodating. Then a load of wash was done, a walk about the park, and a ride into town to a quilt shop and Walmart. The campground had a pork roast dinner that we went to and it was really good- large serving of pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes with gravy, vegetable medley, roll and butter and ice cream with cake for dessert- not bad for $7.50 per person.

This morning, Tuesday, we drove north about 50 miles to an open-pit copper mine, Ascarco Mission Mine. We got there about 10:30am and were able to get on a tour at 11am. The tour guide explain a few things and then we got on a bus that took us to the mining area.

At the edge of the open pit we got off the bus, watched the acivity in the mining area and took pictures.

Back on the bus we rode to the mill and again got off the bus and then went into a viewing area to the mill. Extracting copper from the rocks is quite a process as,I think I have this right, out of a ton of rock about 40 pounds of copper is obtained. Other minerals are also obtained in the process, silver being one that over a million dollars of silver is mined per month which pays for the company's electric bill.

Leaving the mine Tom and I drove to a nearby town, Sahuarita, and had lunch at El Charro restaurant. A good choice as it had nice atmosphere and good food. After lunch we drove into Tucson to get some goodies from Trader Joe's. Returning to Benson and our "home" we chilled out for an hour and then we went to the Methodist church for a spaghetti dinner which was yummy. Tonight, Tom has gone to the clubhouse to play Texas Hold 'em. Last week he came in second and is hoping to do as well or better tonight- we'll see.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Friday, we went to Karchner Caverns just north of Benson. We had gone to these caverns last year but just did the "Big Room" tour. So this year we took a second tour the "Rotunda and Throne Room". These caverns are about the most protected caverns other that allow tours. Tour guides lead the tours and you must stay on a paved walkway and should you touch something other than the railing along the walkway you must inform the guide so that place can be marked for special cleaning. This cavern is part of the Arizona Parks system. Leaving the caverns we drove on down to Sierra Vista, getting an ice cream cone and then returning to Benson.

Saturday was a lazy quiet morning for us. In the afternoon we again went down to Sierra Vista to the movies to see "The Decendants", a good George Clooney film. Returning back to the campground we went to the clubhouse for an evening of dancing, socializing and listening to music of "The Partners", a couple of country singers/musicians.

Sunday started off with going to church services at a small Methodist local church about a mile from the campground. We attended services at this church last year. Friends, Marti and Drew Moehlau, also attended services with their 2 young great-grandsons. After service we along with the Moehlau's minus the grandsons went for breakfast at the Horseshoe Cafe, a great place for breakfast. Afterwards we returned to the campground where we had a note attached to the motorhome informing us that we would have to move to another site as the leaseholders to the lot we were on were returning to the campground. Tom went down to the office and was told we could wait until Monday morning to make the move. We then went to a bookstore that specializes in books of the southwest, Singing Wind, that was having a Cowboy Poetry and Music get together this afternoon.

This bookstore is located outside of Benson back a dirt road on a ranch. Chairs were set up outside and inside the house/store.

                                Entertainment consisted of Ed Newman (singer/songwriter),

                             Buckshot Dot (singer/songwriter/storyteller), Joan Baeza (storyteller),

                                                        Dean Cook (singer/storyteller),

                                   and an 82 year old lady named Nancy that did roping tricks.

                                          A fun and different way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Warm Weather

Yesterday, Wednesday, after taking our morning walk about the campground we went for a drive around the town of Benson.  We had seen a notice here at the campground about a Poetry and Music get together this weekend at a bookstore located outside of town on a dirt road so we checked out that area for a possible something to do on Sunday afternoon.  We then rode south to Tombstone.  There seemed to be lots of folks walking about the town.  It was a nice day with temperatures in the upper 60’s.  We grabbed a bite to eat at a cafĂ© and then walked about.  I enjoy going into the stores that have the western clothes.  Don’t buy anything but it is interesting to see clothes that are not seen in the east.

After getting back to the campground our friends, Marti and Drew,  called asking if we were going to the clubhouse for a light supper followed by a movie.  Since we were going they said they would stop by to pick us up.  We had pulled pork sandwiches and popcorn.  The movie was a Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts film called “Larry Crowne”.  It was an enjoyable evening.

Today we didn’t do much at all.  We took a morning walk around the campground and later in the evening we took another walk up the hill to where a water tower is located.  It was quite a climb but a great view of the campground and the mountains way off in the distance.  Drew and Marti stopped by this afternoon and spent some time chatting with us.   It was nice and warm today with temperatures in the 70’s.  The temperature drops down at nighttime – last night it got down into the 30’s and tonight it is to get down into the 40’s.  We have to have some heat on in the night but once the sun comes up it becomes quite warm inside and windows need to be opened.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alamogordo, New Mexico/ Benson, Arizona

Saturday we were hearing about a wind storm that was coming from the west and could be south enough to be in the Alamogordo area. When we went to bed that night we had not had any strong winds but about 2am we felt the wind. We had some rocking of the motorhome and sounds of slider awnings flapping. Upon rising Sunday morning there were still some winds but we heard the worst was north of the area we were in. We left Alamogordo on route 70 to Las Cruces where we picked up I-10 that took us to Benson, Arizona, 315 miles. Wind did cause some problems with driving the motorhome on route 70 but Tom was able to control it fairly well. A little after 3pm we were settled into a campsite at SKP Saquaro park. We were able to watch the last part of the Ravens/Patriots playoff game and, sadly, the Ravens lost. Marti Moehlau, friends that are in this RV park, called to say that she and Drew would drop by in the morning.
Monday morning was a busy morning. Tom had sent an application in to join the Elk's Club here in Benson so a member of that organization, also named Tom, stopped by for visit and to talk about the Elk's. While he was here Drew and Marti stopped by but didn't stay long as they had groceries so they said they would be back later in the day. Before Tom from the Elk's left his wife Betsy stopped by so we had a nice visit with her also. After the visitors left we ran into town for lunch at Wendy's and to pick up a few groceries. After returning Marti and Drew stopped by and we had a real nice visit with them. Marti and Drew gave us a rundown of the activities here at the campground. Marti had called us several days before we arrived about getting tickets for a dinner for this Monday evening but we were unsure exactly when we would get here. Tom had checked with the office in the morning and was told there were no more tickets.
We did go down to the clubhouse after the dinner to listen to the entertainment. Johnny Bencomo was the entertainer, a musician that plays an 18- string guitar and has a easy-to-listen-to voice. He played and sang for 2 1/2 hours. The cost for this was just a pass of the hat and he was worth every cent he received plus.
Today, Monday, we have just been catching up on some housekeeping chores this morning. For lunch we went into town to Palatiano's, the special was a Greek spinach pie which we both ordered. For $7.25 we had a cup of soup, spinach pie with a chicken breast and pita bread and dessert of bread pudding with rum sauce. It was more than I could eat so I had to get a doggy bag. The food was delicious and the cost unbelievable.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Caverns and White Sand

Yesterday, January 20th, we spent most of the day in Carlsbad Caverns.

We went in the Natural Entrance Route, a 750 foot descent that swiches back and forth for much of a mile. This route ended at a rest area in one direction or to the Big Room Route in another direction.

We stopped off at the rest area for a restroom break and a snack of a shared sandwich before going into the Big Room. The Big Room Route was was 1 1/2 miles long but was fairly level walkway. The Big Room, by far, is the most beautiful route covering over 8 acres of formations.

An elevator returned us to the above ground level. It was an enjoyable day even though we had been through the caverns several years ago.

This morning we left Carlsbad traveling north to Artesia and then east to Alamogordo to visit the White Sands National Monument. The trip started through flat country but after turning west we encountered some hills. At one point we were in a valley that had farms and a creek with real water running (in this part of the country most riverbeds are dry). We then began a gradual ascent through more hills and began seeing snow on the hillsides

When we reached the town of Cloudcroft we were over 8600 feet in elevation. The descent from Cloudcroft to Alamogordo was much greater than the ascent as it was 6% grades most of the way.

We were pleased with the way our new motorhome handled this trip. The 152 mile trip took us about 3 1/2 hours. When we got to Alamagordo we checked into Boot Hill RV Resort (Passport rate $16.71), a very nice RV park. After eating lunch we took off in the Jeep to White Sands National Monument.

                       Our first stop was at the Visitor's Center where we watched a short film.

We then drove the Dunes Drive through the park. The Dunes Drive goes 8 miles into the heart of the dunes. The dunes look like snow drifts along the sides of the road.

Kids were on the dunes with the disk type sleds sliding down the dunes like sledding in snow.

The disk sleds can be purchased at the Visitor's Center Gift Shop for $10.00 and then if returned $5.00 is refunded. We walked around some the dunes. This white gypsum sand is extremely fine almost like flour and so white.

The surrounding mountain rocks contain gypsum and it is from that source that the sand is created. This 275 square miles of gypsum sand is the worlds largest gypsum field. Like all sand dunes the dunes are constantly moving and changing with the force of the winds. Before leaving the park we took a mile hike on the Dune Life Nature Trail, a trail that had signs posted along the way about the plants and animals that are common in the dunes. A very interesting place to visit. Sand is not allowed to be taken from the park and riding over the dunes is forbidden.

We returned back to Alamogordo and ate dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, La Hacienda, which we enjoyed. As we were driving to a shopping mall to find a salon where I could get a haircut we received a call from Larry. He and Joanne are in Santa Fe, they are working their way west on I-40. He encountered some strong winds in his travels today.
I did get my hair cut and then as we returned toward the campground we stopped at a Pastachio nut shop- pastachios are grown in this area. We didn't buy any as they were more expensive than what we are able to purchase at other places, isn't that often the case?
After the walking through Carlsbad Caverns yesterday and then today the White Sand today Tom and I are suffering with soreness in our legs muscles.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012 Change of Plans

Yesterday, Wednesday the 18th,  we continued our travels across I-20.  We stopped in Abilene for fuel and then thought we would grab a bite to eat for lunch.  Across the street from the gas station was a shopping area that set back from the road but a Wendy’s was along the road  and appeared to have a connecting parking lot from Wendy’s to the shopping area.  Tom turned into the Wendy’s and sure enough the parking lots did not connect so around Wendy’s we drove and luckily Tom was able to manipulate the motorhome around and back out to the main road once more.  We then spied an empty parking lot next to a Chili’s restaurant where we were able to park and then we had lunch at Chili’s.  By the way we got diesel fuel at a Fina station for $3.69, the best price around as other stations were about $.20 a gallon higher.  We stopped for the night at Whip In RV Park in Big Spring, Texas, a distance of 338 miles.  The weather was sunny and temperatures were in the upper 60’s dropping into the 30’s during the night.

We had planned to continue west on I-20 but when we looked at the next leg of the trip we realized that campgrounds are few  until El Paso.  El Paso was well over 350 miles, a distance greater than we like to travel in a day.  So we decided to leave I-20 and go to Carlsbad, New Mexico.  This morning we left Big Spring, Texas on I-20 and shortly we got on  route 87 to La Mesa, Texas and then route 180 to Carlsbad, New Mexico-195 miles.  Traveling through Texas and into New Mexico we passed by fields that were being prepared for cotton planting, saw several cotton gins, a large peanut processing plant as well as oil wells and natural gas pumping stations-and a few small towns.  When we got to Carlsbad RV Park we realized that we had crossed into mountain time so we gained an hour.  The weather here is wonderful with temperatures reaching 80 or above.  After setting up and eating some lunch we went to the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens which is located outside Carlsbad on a hill that overlooks the city.  The 1.3 mile pathway goes through different types of desert vegetation and passes by native animals as Mexican wolves, javelinas, bison, mountain lions, bobcat, elk, pronghorn as well as birds and reptiles.  It was a nice way to spend the afternoon in this wonderful weather.  Before returning back to the motorhome we stopped at Lowe’s (Tom always needs something from Lowe’s) and the Walmart to get a few groceries and some medicine for the nasal congestion that Tom has been suffering with since Alabama.  We plan to stay here for 2 nights before moving on west.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waltzing Across Texas

Today was a good travel day. Leaving the campground this morning we crossed the mighty Mississippi River about 5 minutes later and entered the state of Louisiana.

While crossing La.  we hit some heavy rain, but it didn't cause us any problems.

With the gas Newmar, Tom would have been on pins and needles because it did not like running in the rain.  We had tried several different fixes, but nothing seemed to correct the problem.  It was really nice driving in the rain without that worry hanging over us.

Last night in Vicksburg was nice and warm, but as we drove west, we drove into a cold front and the tempatures are going to be in the 30's again tonight.  We are spending the night in Canton, Texas and are planning to stay in Big Spring, Texas tomorrow night.  We are crossing the longest route thru Texas. We will continue on I-20 and then merge into I-10 that will take us to Arizona.

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012 Finally!!

Bright and early this morning, 7am, Tom went to the service area to inform Greg, the supervisor in the mechanical area, that we still had problems with the check engine light being on. Greg said as soon as he got the techs moving he would make some calls and get Ennis(?) over to work on the problem. So we packed up the motorhome and moved it over to the bay. Ennis arrived soon afterward and began working on the problem by hooking up a computer to diagnosis. He called the Cummins tech requesting that he come in to help also. So after a couple of hours and pulling and replacing some wires Ennis took the motorhome for a drive along with Tom and I. The light did not come on so we were good to go.
After eating a quick lunch of some vegetable soup that I had in the refrigerator and checking out we were on our way, finally. We drove southwest toward Tupelo and then got on the Natchez Trace Parkway to Jackson, Ms where we took I-20 to Vicksburg.
The Natchez Trace Parkway is a nice drive on a 2 lane road with a 50 mile speed limit. There are no towns or traffic signals, just wooded areas, meadows and swamps.

We passed through one wooded area,several miles long, that in April 2011 had tornados that destroyed acres of trees.

 As we approached the Jackson area we drove along the shores of the Russ Barnett Reservoir, a huge body of water that looked more like a lake.

At 5:30pm we stopped for the night at the Ameristar RV Park in Vicksburg, 266 miles. This RV park is part of a casino complex but we opted to pass up the casino for food or gambling and ate a light supper in the motorhome.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

This morning we had some visitors.  Mark, Chris and their dog, Teddy. Mark is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman and Chris is a retired Nurse. Teddy checked out our motorhome and then made himself at home curling up at Mark's feet. They were checking in at Camp Red Bay when we returned from our travels yesterday.  I sent an email to Mark letting him know where we were located.

Their travel blog is  called Phaeton Place.  I have been reading their blog for several years and it is one of the links on the left side of our blog.  The visit was all too short and we hope that we have a chance to spend more time with them the next time our paths cross.  That's one of the things we like about the RVing lifestyle.  You meet people from all over North America and its almost like visiting your next door neighbor.

I have been having problems all week with my sinuses being clogged.  We went to the local CVS drugstore to see what they might have to help relieve my sinus.  After consulting with the pharmacists, I purchased a Neti Pot sinus rinse kit. Next we stopped at the grocery store and bought a chicken and a few other items for Sunday dinner. The rest of the day we stayed in and watched the Ravens win their playoff game against Texans and later watched the last quarter of the Giants/Packers game.  The AFC favored teams won this weekend, but the NFC favorites did not fare as well.

Tomorrow morning I will be back to the repair center to let them know that our motorhome did not get fixed on Friday.  We know that they will not be happy to see us as everybody was certain our engine check light was fixed.  We hope that something gets fixed on we can be on our way to Arizona.  Nothing against Red Bay, but staying in an area because you want to is different than staying in an area because you have to.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 14, 2012 A Better Day

After reading yesterday's post by Tom it is not hard to see that it was not a good day for us. Our motorhome was in the service bay all day being worked on for the yellow "service engine" light that was being displayed. A Cummin's tech worked most of the morning trouble shooting if it was an engine problem and concluded it was not so it was turned over to a Tiffin tech that specializes in these issues. Ennis(?) worked the rest of the day well past the 3pm time when much of the shop closes for the day and finally was able find a problem that caused the light to go out. We were elated and felt we could be on our way this morning. Ennis told me he felt 99% certain that the problem was solved, I told him that I would feel better with a 100% guarantee to which he said, "okay 99.7%". He suggested that we take the motorhome for a drive before settling in for the night. We had planned to get propane so we went to the local propane dealer to get our tanks filled. Well as we were about to get our tank filled another motorhome pulled into the lot in the opposite direction. After tank was filled, I went inside to pay the bill and Tom moved the motorhome to get out of the way of the other motorhome. When I came back outside Tom standing outside and to the back of the motorhome motioned to me to come back there. Tom had backed into a utility pole and caused damage to the fiberglass in the rear. The sun was low in the sky and really bright causing Tom not to see the pole as he was backing up. As if that wasn't bad enough when we were pulling out of the lot the yellow "service engine" came on and we knew we would not be leaving Red Bay the next day but would have to stay til Monday and return to the service bay again. A real bummer!!!
Today we slept in and had a late breakfast, cleaned up the motorhome and washed the bed linens. We then went for a drive following an 86 mile loop route. We went east a short distance and then took route 247 northeast. About half way on this road we took a side road about 5 miles to the "Key Underwood Coon Dog Cemetery".

In 1937 this cemetery was established when Key Underwood made this site a final resting place for his coon dog, Troop. It is the only cemetery in the world devoted to hunter's coon dogs. There are more than 200 coon dogs buried here. Only coon dogs are allowed to be buried here and they must meet certain qualifications. Each grave was adorn with artificial flowers and the grave markers varied from a very simple markers to engraved stones.

Returning back to route 247 we continued to route 72 and headed east to the town of Tuscumbia. The Alabama Music Hall of Fame is located here but is presently closed. Helen Keller's birth place, Ivy Green, is located in this town. We took pictures of the house but passed on going inside.

As we were traveling through the town Tom spied Deshler High School (Deshler, Ohio was the town that Tom grew up in). Don't know why the school in Tuscumbia, Alabama is named that but we found it rather curious.

Before turning to the west on route 72 we stopped for a late lunch at "Fiesta Mexicala" and had some good Mexican food. We traveled west on route 72 going through a little town of Cherokee and then a few miles afterward turned southwest onto the Natchez Trace Parkway.
The Natchez Trace Parkway is a 444 mile scenic road that starts near Nashville, Tennessee and ends in Natchez, Mississippi. The route follows a trail of trading paths used by Native Americans through meadows and woodlands. The 20 mile segment that we traveled went from Alabama into Mississippi. Before reaching Tupelo, Mississippi we turned southeast on route 25 through Belmont, Golden and then ending at Red Bay, Alabama.
It was a beautiful day. Temperatures reached in the upper 50's but will drop down into the 20's tonight.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th was not a lucky day for us.  Enough said.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This morning we took the motorhome over to Bay Diesel to have the front end alignment checked.  While they were working on the motorhome, Leah and I went to breakfast at Jack's.  It was nothing to brag about.  When we returned to Bay Diesel, they were finished, so we went back to the Tiffin service campground.  We only plugged the motorhome in as we wanted to find out if they had the part/s necessary to fix the DEF system.  There is a service tech from Cummins South that is here and will make the repairs tomorrow morning.  We sure hope that this is the last repair that needs to be made and we can be on our way to Arizona.

Maybe, just maybe Friday the 13th will be a lucky day for us.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It was another day when no work was performed on the motohome.  We are scheduled to have the front end worked on tomorrow morning at Bay Diesel here in Red Bay.  If that does not fix the wondering problem, I am not certain what our next step will be.  We still have to have a part replaced in the DEF system also but don't know when and who will do that repair.

Tiffin has a ways to go to live up to their advertising of good customer service.  There does not seem to be a single point of contact that can keep you informed of what is or is not happening with your motorhome.  The best way to find something out is to ask questions of techs that have worked on your motorhome at a previous service bay.  In talking with other owners that are here, you almost have to stay with your motorhome and babysit it to be certain the repairs are done correctly. From our observations, the service techs have one speed, slooow. 

I know a lot of people have talked with the owner, Bob Tiffin.  I would hope that the conversation was about real problems and concerns and that Bob in turn would meet with his managers to effect changes to improve things.

Our stay here in Red Bay has lasted too long as we did not buy this motorhome to set in the Tiffin Service lot.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Well, guess what, we are still in Red Bay, Al.  We thought our motorhome repairs would be completed today, but they were not.  A tech had to come over from the factory to check on the check engine light.  While waiting on the word to bring the motorhome into the service bay, I spoke with John another Phaeton owner that has the same year, chassis and model comparing problems we both are having.  He is having the same problem with the cruise control and steering problem that we have.

In our discussion, John told me about a problem with the fuel gauge.  It seems the plan for the  powerglide chassis was to have a 150 gallon fuel tank, but they could only install a 100 gallon fuel tank.   I have always thought the fuel gauge was not very accurate as it never showed full and showed 1/4 tank when in fact we had a 1/2 tank.  John told me that all that was required was a reprogramming of the fuel gauge.

When we got the word to bring the motorhome over to the service bay, we had a problem getting the driver's side front slide to come in.  After several attempts we were able to bring it in.  When we got into the service, the tech went to lunch, so we did also.

When we got back, a tech from the factory was in the coach with a computer plugged in reading the error codes.  They thought they located and fixed the problem with something in the DEF system.  I told them about the bulky slide room and asked if the fuel gauge could be reprogrammed.  The tech from the factory said he didn't have the correct computer with him to make the fuel gauge correction, but would stop by our campsite later to make the update.  Another service tech replaced the slideout solenoid, here's hoping that takes care of that problem.

We thought all of the work was completed on the motorhome and we would be out of here tomorrow morning.  I was filling the fresh water tank when the service tech that had been working on the motorhome for the past several days came over and said the supervisors wanted him to take a test drive to check out the handling.  During the test drive the check engine light came on again.  The tech did agree that the motohome "wanders."  I am not certain what is going to be done about the steering because they do not have the equipment to check the front end alignment.  It looks like we are going to the factory or to a local diesel repair shop.  As far as the check engine light, your guess is a good as mine.  We shall see what tomorrow brings. 

The silver lining in all of this is we are at the factory service center, under warranty and not having their backs turned on us.

Monday, January 09, 2012

January 9, 2012 Still in Red Bay

Yesterday, Sunday, we spent the day in the motorhome most of the day.  It was a rainy, gray day warm.  I had brought some shrimp along thinking we might have that for New Year’s eve if we didn’t eat somewhere which is what we did.  So I steamed the shrimp and made some pasta salad for our Sunday dinner.  And then we watched football games.
  Saturday in our travels around south of Red Bay we saw areas of devastation- trees snapped off or flattened to the ground, some buildings destroyed or being repaired- and a sign stating 4/27/11.  So Sunday morning Tom talked with the folks in the campground office about this area.  There were a series of tornadoes  that went through that area on the date stated killing 52 people.
Today, we anxiously wanted to get the motorhome in for servicing.  Tom went to the bay area to inquire and again we were “next” and to check back in at noon.  So at this point we thought we could finally get the plant tour in.  There is one tour each day at 9:30am and the uncertainty of not knowing when we could be summoned for service did not allow us to chance going on the tour before.  The walking tour took us through the motorhome plant and there didn’t seem to be any area off limits.  Most of the makings of these motorhomes are done here.  Cabinets are made, the flooring and roofs are assembled and some chassis are made here as well as the exteriors.
                                           A Chassis going into assembly station 1.
                                Motorhomes in the final assembly station before being painted.
We were free to walk about the plant.  All the white and yellow wiring is cut to size and labeled for it’s specific function and then assembled for each motorhome.

After the tour ended we were free to go into any of the motorhomes that parked nearby.  A protective film, Diamond Shield, is put on the front of the motorhomes and, interesting, this application is done here at the factory by a Diamond Shield employee, not a Tiffin Motorhome Company employee.  The exterior painting is done at a division of the plant about 6 miles away.  We did drive out to the area but did not go into the facility.
When we got back to the motorhome it was about noon so Tom went to the bay area and was told to bring the motorhome up.  So we packed it up and moved it into the service bay but now we had a “check engine” light that was being displayed.  The tech said they would correct the cruise control problem (apparently this was a known problem) and check on that check engine light.  We left the motorhome and went to the Back Street Barbeque for lunch.  Returning back to the campground we had to go into the service area lounge as we could not stay with the motorhome in this service bay.  About 3pm Tom walked to the service bay and was told that the cruise control had been corrected but some other techs not working today were needed for the check engine problem. 

                   This is our motorhome in the service bay and the lifts used to raise it up.

Tom is to go to the bay area in the morning to find out what our next step is to be.  We are feeling quite frustrated at this point- we really want to be moving on but at the same time we want any problems to be corrected.  The techs seem to be knowledgeable but are so laid back that time doesn’t seem to mean anything to them.
It was another cloudy day with fog and heavy mist at times.  This evening there are showers and this weather is predicted for the next several days.

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