Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Well, guess what, we are still in Red Bay, Al.  We thought our motorhome repairs would be completed today, but they were not.  A tech had to come over from the factory to check on the check engine light.  While waiting on the word to bring the motorhome into the service bay, I spoke with John another Phaeton owner that has the same year, chassis and model comparing problems we both are having.  He is having the same problem with the cruise control and steering problem that we have.

In our discussion, John told me about a problem with the fuel gauge.  It seems the plan for the  powerglide chassis was to have a 150 gallon fuel tank, but they could only install a 100 gallon fuel tank.   I have always thought the fuel gauge was not very accurate as it never showed full and showed 1/4 tank when in fact we had a 1/2 tank.  John told me that all that was required was a reprogramming of the fuel gauge.

When we got the word to bring the motorhome over to the service bay, we had a problem getting the driver's side front slide to come in.  After several attempts we were able to bring it in.  When we got into the service, the tech went to lunch, so we did also.

When we got back, a tech from the factory was in the coach with a computer plugged in reading the error codes.  They thought they located and fixed the problem with something in the DEF system.  I told them about the bulky slide room and asked if the fuel gauge could be reprogrammed.  The tech from the factory said he didn't have the correct computer with him to make the fuel gauge correction, but would stop by our campsite later to make the update.  Another service tech replaced the slideout solenoid, here's hoping that takes care of that problem.

We thought all of the work was completed on the motorhome and we would be out of here tomorrow morning.  I was filling the fresh water tank when the service tech that had been working on the motorhome for the past several days came over and said the supervisors wanted him to take a test drive to check out the handling.  During the test drive the check engine light came on again.  The tech did agree that the motohome "wanders."  I am not certain what is going to be done about the steering because they do not have the equipment to check the front end alignment.  It looks like we are going to the factory or to a local diesel repair shop.  As far as the check engine light, your guess is a good as mine.  We shall see what tomorrow brings. 

The silver lining in all of this is we are at the factory service center, under warranty and not having their backs turned on us.