Friday, January 06, 2012

January 5, 2012 Red Bay, Alabama

Well, we are still in Red Bay.  This morning we were due to go into the service bay at 7am.  As we were preparing the motorhome we encountered a problem.  The bedroom slide on the driver’s side would not come in.  Tom went over to the service area and talked to Stanley, our tech, who came out to the motorhome and was unable to locate a problem without further investigation.  Stanley advised us to move to his service bay by moving slowly through the campground which we did.  When we got to the bay doors  we were directed into the building very carefully.  The slide problem was checked into and finally it was found that a plug had come apart under the bed.   New gaskets and a modified door handle were the solution to the water getting into 2 of the basement compartments.  By 8am we were finished in that area but Stanley had arranged for us to go to another area to have the cruise control issue looked into.  (Cruise control does not hold as we are traveling down the road.)  We were “next” on the list for that service.  Another period of waiting.  At 1pm Tom went back to see Stanley who checked on this next service and again we were told we would be next but probably would not get in until tomorrow.  When 3pm came and we had not gotten in we are hopeful that it will be tomorrow.
This evening we went to Jack’s for chicken dinner.  Jack’s is a fast food restaurant that is said to have the best fried chicken in the area.  The chicken was good- moist and hot.
The weather has gotten to be really nice.  The temps were close to 60 today with bright sunshine.