Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waltzing Across Texas

Today was a good travel day. Leaving the campground this morning we crossed the mighty Mississippi River about 5 minutes later and entered the state of Louisiana.

While crossing La.  we hit some heavy rain, but it didn't cause us any problems.

With the gas Newmar, Tom would have been on pins and needles because it did not like running in the rain.  We had tried several different fixes, but nothing seemed to correct the problem.  It was really nice driving in the rain without that worry hanging over us.

Last night in Vicksburg was nice and warm, but as we drove west, we drove into a cold front and the tempatures are going to be in the 30's again tonight.  We are spending the night in Canton, Texas and are planning to stay in Big Spring, Texas tomorrow night.  We are crossing the longest route thru Texas. We will continue on I-20 and then merge into I-10 that will take us to Arizona.