Sunday, January 29, 2012

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Friday, we went to Karchner Caverns just north of Benson. We had gone to these caverns last year but just did the "Big Room" tour. So this year we took a second tour the "Rotunda and Throne Room". These caverns are about the most protected caverns other that allow tours. Tour guides lead the tours and you must stay on a paved walkway and should you touch something other than the railing along the walkway you must inform the guide so that place can be marked for special cleaning. This cavern is part of the Arizona Parks system. Leaving the caverns we drove on down to Sierra Vista, getting an ice cream cone and then returning to Benson.

Saturday was a lazy quiet morning for us. In the afternoon we again went down to Sierra Vista to the movies to see "The Decendants", a good George Clooney film. Returning back to the campground we went to the clubhouse for an evening of dancing, socializing and listening to music of "The Partners", a couple of country singers/musicians.

Sunday started off with going to church services at a small Methodist local church about a mile from the campground. We attended services at this church last year. Friends, Marti and Drew Moehlau, also attended services with their 2 young great-grandsons. After service we along with the Moehlau's minus the grandsons went for breakfast at the Horseshoe Cafe, a great place for breakfast. Afterwards we returned to the campground where we had a note attached to the motorhome informing us that we would have to move to another site as the leaseholders to the lot we were on were returning to the campground. Tom went down to the office and was told we could wait until Monday morning to make the move. We then went to a bookstore that specializes in books of the southwest, Singing Wind, that was having a Cowboy Poetry and Music get together this afternoon.

This bookstore is located outside of Benson back a dirt road on a ranch. Chairs were set up outside and inside the house/store.

                                Entertainment consisted of Ed Newman (singer/songwriter),

                             Buckshot Dot (singer/songwriter/storyteller), Joan Baeza (storyteller),

                                                        Dean Cook (singer/storyteller),

                                   and an 82 year old lady named Nancy that did roping tricks.

                                          A fun and different way to spend a Sunday afternoon.