Sunday, January 15, 2012

This morning we had some visitors.  Mark, Chris and their dog, Teddy. Mark is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman and Chris is a retired Nurse. Teddy checked out our motorhome and then made himself at home curling up at Mark's feet. They were checking in at Camp Red Bay when we returned from our travels yesterday.  I sent an email to Mark letting him know where we were located.

Their travel blog is  called Phaeton Place.  I have been reading their blog for several years and it is one of the links on the left side of our blog.  The visit was all too short and we hope that we have a chance to spend more time with them the next time our paths cross.  That's one of the things we like about the RVing lifestyle.  You meet people from all over North America and its almost like visiting your next door neighbor.

I have been having problems all week with my sinuses being clogged.  We went to the local CVS drugstore to see what they might have to help relieve my sinus.  After consulting with the pharmacists, I purchased a Neti Pot sinus rinse kit. Next we stopped at the grocery store and bought a chicken and a few other items for Sunday dinner. The rest of the day we stayed in and watched the Ravens win their playoff game against Texans and later watched the last quarter of the Giants/Packers game.  The AFC favored teams won this weekend, but the NFC favorites did not fare as well.

Tomorrow morning I will be back to the repair center to let them know that our motorhome did not get fixed on Friday.  We know that they will not be happy to see us as everybody was certain our engine check light was fixed.  We hope that something gets fixed on we can be on our way to Arizona.  Nothing against Red Bay, but staying in an area because you want to is different than staying in an area because you have to.