Monday, January 02, 2012

January 2, 2012 Quiet day

The chill has moved into Red Bay and along with it is wind. Although the sky is bright blue it is downright cold outside. I'm wanting to move on further south and hopefully we will be able to do so before the end of the week. The Tiffin factory is closed yet today but will open tomorrow and we are told that someone will be here about 7:30 am to go over the issues of our motorhome. Our black tank flushing system does not work, there is a hole in the big awning,the antenna to the GPS is not connected and a few other little problems that we hope will get fixed while we are here. Tom wanted to get a CB radio installed and our electric protection system installed while in this area. This morning we drove to an RV service center that would install those items and they will be able to do the work Wednesday if we are not being serviced here at the factory, otherwise next week. Well, if it doesn't happen Wednesday I think we will wait until Arizona to get that done, next week we hope to be near or in Arizona. We are finding time to get some reading done and I have done some reorganizing of the cabinets. Tomorrow we should have an idea as to how long we may need to be here.