Thursday, January 26, 2012

Warm Weather

Yesterday, Wednesday, after taking our morning walk about the campground we went for a drive around the town of Benson.  We had seen a notice here at the campground about a Poetry and Music get together this weekend at a bookstore located outside of town on a dirt road so we checked out that area for a possible something to do on Sunday afternoon.  We then rode south to Tombstone.  There seemed to be lots of folks walking about the town.  It was a nice day with temperatures in the upper 60’s.  We grabbed a bite to eat at a café and then walked about.  I enjoy going into the stores that have the western clothes.  Don’t buy anything but it is interesting to see clothes that are not seen in the east.

After getting back to the campground our friends, Marti and Drew,  called asking if we were going to the clubhouse for a light supper followed by a movie.  Since we were going they said they would stop by to pick us up.  We had pulled pork sandwiches and popcorn.  The movie was a Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts film called “Larry Crowne”.  It was an enjoyable evening.

Today we didn’t do much at all.  We took a morning walk around the campground and later in the evening we took another walk up the hill to where a water tower is located.  It was quite a climb but a great view of the campground and the mountains way off in the distance.  Drew and Marti stopped by this afternoon and spent some time chatting with us.   It was nice and warm today with temperatures in the 70’s.  The temperature drops down at nighttime – last night it got down into the 30’s and tonight it is to get down into the 40’s.  We have to have some heat on in the night but once the sun comes up it becomes quite warm inside and windows need to be opened.