Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alamogordo, New Mexico/ Benson, Arizona

Saturday we were hearing about a wind storm that was coming from the west and could be south enough to be in the Alamogordo area. When we went to bed that night we had not had any strong winds but about 2am we felt the wind. We had some rocking of the motorhome and sounds of slider awnings flapping. Upon rising Sunday morning there were still some winds but we heard the worst was north of the area we were in. We left Alamogordo on route 70 to Las Cruces where we picked up I-10 that took us to Benson, Arizona, 315 miles. Wind did cause some problems with driving the motorhome on route 70 but Tom was able to control it fairly well. A little after 3pm we were settled into a campsite at SKP Saquaro park. We were able to watch the last part of the Ravens/Patriots playoff game and, sadly, the Ravens lost. Marti Moehlau, friends that are in this RV park, called to say that she and Drew would drop by in the morning.
Monday morning was a busy morning. Tom had sent an application in to join the Elk's Club here in Benson so a member of that organization, also named Tom, stopped by for visit and to talk about the Elk's. While he was here Drew and Marti stopped by but didn't stay long as they had groceries so they said they would be back later in the day. Before Tom from the Elk's left his wife Betsy stopped by so we had a nice visit with her also. After the visitors left we ran into town for lunch at Wendy's and to pick up a few groceries. After returning Marti and Drew stopped by and we had a real nice visit with them. Marti and Drew gave us a rundown of the activities here at the campground. Marti had called us several days before we arrived about getting tickets for a dinner for this Monday evening but we were unsure exactly when we would get here. Tom had checked with the office in the morning and was told there were no more tickets.
We did go down to the clubhouse after the dinner to listen to the entertainment. Johnny Bencomo was the entertainer, a musician that plays an 18- string guitar and has a easy-to-listen-to voice. He played and sang for 2 1/2 hours. The cost for this was just a pass of the hat and he was worth every cent he received plus.
Today, Monday, we have just been catching up on some housekeeping chores this morning. For lunch we went into town to Palatiano's, the special was a Greek spinach pie which we both ordered. For $7.25 we had a cup of soup, spinach pie with a chicken breast and pita bread and dessert of bread pudding with rum sauce. It was more than I could eat so I had to get a doggy bag. The food was delicious and the cost unbelievable.