Tuesday, January 03, 2012

This morning the Audio/Video repairman stopped by.  He looked at the TV and swapped a cable between the front and midships TV to see if that was the problem with the dropped Satellite signal to the midships TV.  While running that test, he pulled the JVC Radio/GPS unit and took it to his shop to extend the GPS antenna connector.  While he was gone, the midships TV lost the satellite signal again.  When the repairman returned he put the JVC Radio/GPS unit back in place and tested the GPS.  The unit worked fine.

He next checked another set of cables going to the midships TV and found a bad cable connector.  He replaced the cable connector and now the midships TV is working fine.

The persons that schedules the work in the service bays stopped by and gave us the choice of going into an express bay or waiting for two weeks to get into a work until completion appointment.  We chose the express option as we want to get on with our winter travels.  The express bay option means that we get called to a service bay where two repair techs will work on our unit for 3 hours, so we have to decide which items on our punch list is most important to have repaired.  Its now 2:40 pm so it looks like it will be tomorrow before our motorhome is worked on.