Wednesday, January 04, 2012

January 4, 2012 Red Bay, Alabama

The weather has been cold here. The past 2 nights temperatures were in the 20's. Yesterday the temperature did not reach 40 degrees but today the temps were in the 50's and expected to be better tomorrow.
Yesterday we were told that we would get to the service bay by today so we stayed around the motorhome all morning awaiting a call telling us what service bay to come to and, finally, at 11:30am the call came through. When we pulled into the bay and talked with the tech about the problem with the black tank flushing system he asked us to dump the tank before he worked on it. So the techs were going to take their lunch break while we dumped. As we were waiting for techs to return and admit us into the bay we ate a bite of lunch. The head tech, Stanley, went over our list of problems and said they could probably address the issues in the 3 hours we were allotted. The black tank flushing system needed a valve replaced. A problem with one of our slides was looked at and, luckily, the intermittent problem presented itself and investgation found some loose wires. The valance over the window by the kitchen sink protruded about an inch from the wall at the bottom so that was readjusted to be against the wall at the bottom- (it was thought that something had been done at the dealership to create the problem). A small hole in a top corner of an awning was treated with something to prevent it from running with a record of this problem in case of further problems with it. About 3pm Stanley told us to be back tomorrow morning at 7am and they would finish up then with some new seals around basement compartment doors that water had gotten into.
After getting back into the campground and setting up Tom and I took a walk and then headed out to get some dinner and pick up a couple things from the grocery store. We ate at Gill's Grille here in Red Bay. It was okay but we prefer the Backstreet barbeque and the Mexican restaurant- hopefully, we'll remember that when we return.