Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010 Taneytown, Maryland

Today, Sunday, we finished our trip but not without incident. As we tried to leave the campground at Beaver Falls we found our motorhome hung-up. It had rained last night and we were told that on Friday night there had been quite a downpour. We were parked in a grassy area that with little effort became mud. Larry and Tom tried putting boards under the wheels but no luck. The campground owner arrived on the scene, saw the problem and got his tractor. A little tow with the tractor did the trick. We then learned that this area that we were parked in had been torn up recently when a man in a motorhome drove away from the site still hooked-up to the water and electric tearing out the underground plumbing. No wonder the ground was a little soft.
We drove down I-79 to I-68 in West Virginia. We stopped for fuel at a gas station in West Virginia and then decided to eat lunch at the restaurant in this gas plaza. It was sunny and quite warm when we went into the restaurant but that quickly changed. It became very dark, there were loud claps of thunder, then the winds got blowing and the rain came down in buckets in every direction. Service was rather slow so by the time we were finished eating the rain had eased up. Larry and Joanne parted company with us at this point as we all headed for home. We did have to drive in rain all the way to Hagerstown. Our motorhome does not drive well in rain, never has, and we had mountains to go over in addition but we made it.
When we got home it was hot, the house was really hot. Tom thought he had set the thermostat for the A.C. to be activated but apparently that didn't happen. It takes a long while to cool down a hot house. As we cleaned out the motorhome we kept the generator running so we had A.C. keeping it cool. We even ate a light supper out there instead of in the house. Tom also discovered that the hot water heater in the basement was leaking when he saw a puddle of water on the floor.
We had a wonderful trip. Today was our 80th day on the road for this trip as we traveled 10,920 miles. Larry and Joanne were good company to share this trip with. We traveled together from the time we met up in Illinois in May until today. I have a tee shirt that has the following written on it- "RVing...It's a journey, not a destination". This trip was indeed a Journey.