Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 St. Mary, Montana

Brrr- it was really cold this morning at 45 degrees, windy and cloudy.  We left the Lake Louise campground heading east through Canmore and then turned south in Calgary.   It was snowing on the mountains – this is July 13th shouldn’t we be having summer?? The winds were strong and constant all day making driving a challenge.  We traveled through the farm lands of Alberta where the canola fields have turned bright yellow.  The border back into the USA was crossed at Carway, Montana.  When we passed through customs, the agent asked if he could come into the motorhome and then came inside checking inside the refrigerator and then going back to the bedroom and then welcomed us back and passed us on through.  He was going into all the RVs that we saw going through customs today.  About 20 miles south of the border we stopped and are camped at Johnson’s Campground in St Mary, Montana. We ate dinner at the restaurant on the campgrounds which was a very nice roast beef dinner served family style.  And the wind continues to be blowing and at 10:30pm is 45 degrees.  We will be here for 2 nights as we hope to drive into Waterton Lakes N.P. (Canada) and Glacier N.P. (US).

On a sad note:  Joanne received word today that her faithful companion, Shane, had passed away.  Shane was staying with Joanne’s son and his family as his age had made traveling difficult.  Shane had traveled this winter with Larry and Joanne and Sadie through the southwest but he was having problems getting around.   Loosing a beloved pet is never easy.  We all feel Joanne’s sadness.