Monday, July 05, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010 Junction 37

Time to move on once again!  We packed up, gassed up and left the town of Skagway to go up a mountain road through White Pass.  Soon after reaching the summit we crossed the border into Yukon Territory, Canada and a few miles further we passed through customs without any difficulty.  The views today consisted of pine tree covered mountains and beautiful lakes miles long.  We traveled up the South Klondike Highway to Tagesh Road that cut over to the Alaskan Highway which we traveled about 200 miles- all together we had gone a little more than 300 miles today.  We stopped for the night at Junction 37 campground.  Junction 37 refers to the route number of the Cassiar Highway which we will be traveling on tomorrow as we head toward Hyder, Alaska which will be our last stop in Alaska this trip.

The weather remains cloudy and overcast but it is warmer at this location with less wind.  The cloudy days have outnumbered the sun shining days during this phase of the trip but we have been reminded that areas of Alaska are a rain forest so rain and clouds can be expected.