Thursday, July 15, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010 Banff National Park

This morning we struck out from the campground and drove down the Bow Valley Parkway, a slow scenic drive from Lake Louise to Banff.  We saw deer, bear and elk along the way.  After getting to the Banff area we began driving the loop road to Minnewanka Lake where we saw Big Horn Sheep nannies and kids.100_7292   Just as we got to the lake Tom said something was wrong with the car and when he pulled over we had a flat tire.DSCN0830   So we went into Banff in search of a tire garage.   At the Shell Station, Jeremy Richards Automotive, the tire was inspected for a leak, nothing found, so the tire was put back on the car and Tom was charged $30.00.  Unbelievable-  many places in the U.S. would have charged nothing or a fraction of that cost.  Canada has become quite expensive to visit.  Gas cost us nearly $5.00 a gallon yesterday on the Icefield Parkway.  We ate lunch in Banff and did some shopping.  The weather today has changed about every 5 minutes or so it seemed-  sunny and warm, cloudy and rainy and this evening  the temperature has dropped to the 50’s.