Thursday, July 08, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010- McBride, B.C.

Bright, warm sunshine all day today with temperatures in the 80's. We left the campground this morning returning back to the town of Houston for fuel. We thought there was someplace beyond the campground that had fuel but the campground folks advised us to go back into town. We saw a lot of large saw mill operations along the way on the Yellowhead highway heading east. There would be piles upon piles of long logs and then piles of sawn boards. Again we passed beautiful large lakes and pine tree covered mountains. British Columbia is indeed a very green and pretty providence. We stopped at Prince George for lunch at the "Extreme Pita" and then we went to a Super Walmart. Like kids in a candy store we started scooping up groceries that were the cost that we were used to not the super inflated prices we were dealing with in the Yukon Territory and Alaska.(A loaf of bread $4-$5, a pound of deli ham for $11, gallon of milk for $5). Grocery shopping was once again not so painful. After about 100 miles we started seeing the mountains to the east- the Canadian Rockies, tall, towering snow topped mountains. In our travels today we saw a black bear and 3 moose. After a little more than 300 miles we stopped for the night just east of McBride, B.C. at Beaverview Campground. Tomorrow we will travel about 100 miles to Jasper National Park. About 8:15 this evening we had a gust of wind that really shook the motorhome for a few seconds, the sky is dark as if a storm maybe headed our way.