Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday, July 14 & 15, 2010

Wednesday, July 14 we woke up to sunshine that had a warmness to it to counteract the wind that continued to blow. Tuesday night before going to bed the weather was nasty- rainy, fog moved over the mountains and it was cold(low 40's). In the morning we drove back north several miles to return into Canada to Waterton Lakes National Park. Waterton- Glacier are International Peace Parks between Canada and the US. As the name applies Waterton has several lakes. There is a Waterton town that has restaurants, shops, visitor's center and museums. As with many towns in our travels there were beautiful flowers planted throughout the town. Deer also inhabit the town so flowers had wire cages over them to protect them from being eaten by the deer or, if not, deer could be seen nibbling away.
From Waterton and Glacier NP 2010-07-14
Also in the town situated on a hill is the Prince of Wales Hotel that is quite Tudor appearing.
From Waterton and Glacier NP 2010-07-14
In the afternoon we returned to the US and entered the Glacier N.P. We ate lunch at 2 Dog Flats Restaurant in the park- food good, service slow. We then traveled on the Going to the Sun Highway. There were areas of road construction that caused traffic to be stopped for 15-20 minutes so the going was slow.
From Waterton and Glacier NP 2010-07-14
We did not go the entire length of the road. The area we did go was just gorgeous with glaciers, huge snow-topped mountains, beautiful green valleys and waterfalls.
From Waterton and Glacier NP 2010-07-14
We did see some mountain goats along the way.
From Waterton and Glacier NP 2010-07-14
At Logan's Pass Visitor Center area there were skiers on the mountainside sking. Ravens seem to be everywhere and are so noisy especially in the parking lots where they hope to get some food.
Returning to the campground we again went to the campground restaurant for supper. We all chose the soup and bread-homemade soup is served in a large bowl that everyone can serve themselves along with slices of homemade bread. We ordered desserts- Tom and I shared a Cinnamon bun sundae- a large warm cinnamon bun with 2 dips of ice cream, chocolate and cinnamon syrup toppings. Yummy but sinful!

Thursday, July 15 we packed up and left St. Mary driving south to Browning and then east to Malta, Montana- about 280 miles. The first leg of the drive to Browning was a hilly, curvy drive. From Browning the road was flat with farmlands of grain fields in various colors of green and yellow, small towns, grain elevators and long trains.
From Montana 2010-07-15
We are staying at Edgewater RV Park in Malta. It is warm- 81 degrees at 8:30pm. I believe we have finally hit summer weather as we know it and we'll probably be complaining about the heat in due time. Tomorrow we continue on eastward.