Friday, July 13, 2012

Tiffin Work Begins- July 12, 2012- Thursday

As scheduled we pulled into Bay 47 before 7am this morning so that the warranty work on our motorhome could begin.  Our tech, Jonathan, looked over the punch list that we had assembled, ordered parts, waited for parts to be delivered and then began working.  With the rain continuing the areas being addressed first are water related.  The outside yellow lights above the windshield needed to be replaced as they had water in them and we were getting some drops of water inside on the dash.

The factory uses a sealant around these lights that dries out, the motion of the motorhome traveling causes the sealant to fail and then the leaks begin.  In the repair facility that we are in a different sealant is used that handles the motorhome movement and supposedly will not fail as the other sealant.   (One has to wonder why not use this on the initial construction in order to prevent needing to do this repair later on?)
A doorway leak in the stairwell  has caused discoloration of the carpet on the sides of the stairwell, in fact, we have had mushrooms growing out of this carpeted area.  The carpet has been torn away from the walls and the wood is being replaced from the step and on the sidewalls.

New carpet on the stairwell walls was installed also.
The gasket around the slide on the driver’s side  was inspected and is need of being replaced and the floor needs to be replaced due to water damage. 

 The slide will need to be taken out in order to do that repair.  These repairs will be done later as we will need to go to another bay for this work.
At 3:30pm we left the bay for today and will be returning tomorrow.