Friday, July 13, 2012

Red Bay, Alabama- July 10, 2012- Tuesday

Sunday we got an early start and left Biloxi a little before 8am.  We knew we would be traveling 370 plus miles to Red Bay, Alabama and the Tiffin motorhome factory.  Our travels were mostly on 2 lane state routes in scenic wooded areas with a few small towns.  We arrived at our destination about 3pm after a brief stop in Tuscaloosa for lunch at a Wendy’s.   The Tiffin Campground looked pretty well filled when we arrived but there was still room for a few more.  We checked in and got an assigned site where we set up.  An appointment had been scheduled some time ago for Thursday the 12th.  We had a yellow engine light to come on when we were on our way to Biloxi and after Tom had consulted with someone (Nathan) at Tiffin he was told that when we got to the factory to call Nathan and he would get to the problem.

On Monday morning Tom called Nathan and he was now told that when we are pulled into the bay for our scheduled appointment that the problem would be addressed at that time.  Then Tom checked to see if by any chance we would be pulled into the service area before our scheduled appointment and was told we would not be going in on Monday for sure.  So then Tom called Chris Wright, a young man that does body work on motorhomes, that Tom had contacted before we left home.  In January when were here Tom backed into a pole at a propane dealer and we had some damage that needed to be fixed. 

We had attempted to get this repaired at home but the weather became a factor and we didn’t get that done.  Chris came to the campground, estimated the cost, and then had us follow him to his residence a few miles from the Tiffin campground to start the work.  We were able to stay in the motorhome as he worked.  We did leave about noon to get lunch at a local restaurant and make a stop at the grocery store.   About 6pm we finally were able to return to the campground but Chris was not finished so we would be returning.
Today, Tuesday, we did return to Chris’ about noontime as he had a doctor’s appointment in the morning.  Again after getting the motorhome in position for him to work on it we left to go for lunch.  Chris worked all afternoon with applying fiberglass,sanding and then spray painting.

Towards evening the skies really darkened and then the rain began.  And the watching paint dry began.  Finally at 8pm we were free to return to the Tiffin Campground for the night.