Saturday, July 07, 2012

Last Day in Biloxi- Saturday, July 7, 2012

Today was our last day in Biloxi as we will be going to Red Bay, Alabama tomorrow. After breakfast we again went down to the beach for the morning. The day started out to be very cloudy but it wasn't until we decided to leave the beach thyat we felt a couple of sprinkles of rain. Being a Saturday the beach had a few more people on it but still not crowded.

Returning to the motorhome and getting showered we took off for lunch. We returned to McElroy's on the Bayou but we had an unattentive waitress that did not make our experience this trip as pleasurable as the first time we ate here. The food was good inspite of the waitress. After lunch we went on a scavenger hunt, of sorts. When we had stopped at the Visitor's Center crossing from Alabama into Mississippi as we came to Biloxi we were given a post card that we were to get 6 footprint stamps at various locations along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There were 3 distinct areas and we had to get 2 stamps from each area. The first area we went was Ocean Springs, east of Biloxi. Ocean Springs has a lot of art stores and museums and it was from 2 museums that were on the list that we got those 2 stamps. The next area was the Biloxi area. We had gone to the Visitor's Centere there several days ago and had gotten a stamp from there so we only needed to get another which we did at another art museum. The last area was 30 plus miles to the west in the Kiln area. This time we stopped at a county park, McLeod Park, and then at the Lazy Magnolia brewery. We had filled up our card so now all we need to do is send it in and wait to see if it gets drwan for a new Jeep Wrangler- not holding our breath for that! It turned out to be fun and interesting but we probably should have done this earlier in our visit here. When talking with the folks in these establisnments we learned new things about the areas but we'll have to keep those things in mind if we visit here another time.

Our stay here in Biloxi has been enjoyable. For an area along the Gulf it has never felt over run with traffic. The campground that we are in, Cajun RV Park, has never been entirely filled and I believe that to be the case with other campgrounds. The beach areas have never been crowded- of course, there are 26 miles of beach here so people are able to spread out.