Friday, July 20, 2012

The Waiting Game Begins- Thursday, July 19,2012

At 7am we were in Bay 42 getting the air filter and canister replaced,  This was completed by a little past 9am.  We returned to our campsite, hoping that we would get called to the bay to have our slide floor replaced but that did not happen.  Tom did talk with the scheduling person, Billy, and was told that we would probably go in tomorrow (Friday) morning.  So we spent the remainder of the day keeping cool, as it was another 90plus temperature day, and reading.  It is very frustrating being here noy knowing just when we will get finished and be able to move on.  Tom has a doctor's appointment on Monday that we made feeling certain we would be able to be home by that time but then we didn't know about this slide floor.  If we are able to finish by Friday evening we could get home in time for his appointment.  At the close of the service center on Thursday evening we had not received word telling us to move into the slide floor bay.