Friday, July 06, 2012

Enjoying the Biloxi Area

The past few days we have just been spending leisure days in the Biloxi area. Wednesday, July 4th, Independence Day, we spent in the campground except for lunch at the "Hog Heaven" restaurant, a barbeque and blues spot. In the evening we went to the front of the campground to watch the fireworks. And fireworks there were--everywhere along the beach fireworks were going off. There was a designated area for the city of Biloxi to be setting off fireworks but indiviuals who apparently had money to burn were also setting off the fireworks. The popping and banging started before dark and continued until at least midnight.

Thursday we checked out a souvenir store and found the usual stuff- nothing to get excited about. We stopped into the Hard Rock and Margaritaville Casinos just briefly without doing any gambling. And then went to Wal-Mart for a few groceries. In the evening we took a nice walk along the beach and saw all the trash left from the 4th's fireworks. I guess one day there will be a ban on fireworks here and these folks that trashed up the beach will wonder why.

Today, Friday, we spent the morning on the beach. The water temperature is really warm and we were able to walk quite a ways from the shore before the water reached our bathing suits. The gulf waters were very calm when we first were on the beach but then the wind kicked up and the wave action became a little stronger but nothing like the ocean waves. The water continues to be a little murky. After a couple hours on the beach we returned to the motorhome and showered. We then went to a seafood restaurant, McElroy's, located along the beach. We had eaten last week at McElroy's on the Bayou- these restaurants are owned by the same people, the menu and food much the same at both places but we liked the Bayou location better. The views out across the bayou just seems more interesting than out across the gulf.

The weather continues to be hot as it is across the country. Temperatures are in the mid to upper 90's each day. Had some threats of rain and a few showers at night a couple of times.