Friday, July 13, 2012

Bay 47 Work Continues- Friday, July 13, 2012

After some rain last night there seems to be a clearing today with the sun shining once again. As we brought in the slide on the driver's side this morning in preparation for going into bay 47, the gasket that was needing to be replaced really became unfixed. So we told Jonathan, the tech, and he said he would replace it today instead of waiting until the slider floor was repaired.

Like yesterday Jonathan had to wait for supplies to be brought to him before getting started. He finished working on the steps after there was not any evidence of water in that area. A new tread was put on the bottom step. We had some molding that was loose and on inspection it was never attached properly so that was done. I made a comment about the workmanship from the factory to the techs and they responded that the factory deals in quantity and this area deals in quality. The factory puts out 13 motorhomes a day. I also reminded them that we didn't buy these RVs to spend time here but to travel. I must say that the Jonathan has been very thorough with his workmanship.

This afternoon the gasket on the slideout was replaced and then at 3:30pm we returned to the campground until Monday morning.